One word.


That one word is powerful.  It means safety in numbers.  It means you and others working side by side.  It means that no one is leading or following.  It means a common bond among you and someone else.  A common goal.  It means you aren’t alone.  It means you have your “person”.  You are together.  Together through friendship.  Together through marriage.  Together in running.

I instantly thought of one of my all time favorite quotes, which often now it seems pertains to running.

If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.

~African Proverb

I like the together part of that quote.  Together, we can go farther.  Together, we can push each other, carry each other and run side by side to encourage each other to reach farther goals and dreams.  Together means that you have a partners in crime who will stand with you and help you become your best.  Together means you have someone who has your back.  Together means no judgment, only support. Together means a swift kick of reality when you need it most.  Together means listening.  Together means I got you and you’ve got me. I won’t let you fail.

I often stop and think how grateful I am that I have a supportive group of friends to run with and family at home who encourages me. That’s the “together” that makes me not afraid to take risks, to get crazy ideas that I want to run crazy distances, and to not be afraid to just try.  It’s then that I realize that I’m not alone, there is someone there who has my back and loves me, regardless of the outcome, for trying.  That’s my kind of together!


What does together mean to you? 

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Go be awesome! 🙂


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