Virtually Running It! recap

This month kicked off another 5 by the 5th virtual run sponsored by Mommy Run Fast.  Runners can sign up to run a 5K or 5 miler during the first 5 days of each month from January to June.  She has awesome prizes lined up monthly, as well as at the end of the series. What better motivation than to get out there and run for goodies!  There is also great support and camaraderie on her Facebook page from fellow runners through comments and pictures.  There are 465 runners signed up to participate, mostly women.

I had an 11 miler, which turned into a 12 miler, so my 5 miles were tied into my long run.  I mapped a pretty hilly route for the WHC to run.  Thanks to Carole for the route suggestion, yeah right?!!  524 feet elevation gain over the course of the run!?  In her true positive light, she reminded us that Myrtle Beach half in two weekends should be a breeze after this route.

I choose to count the middle 5 miles, since it takes me so long to warm-up on a long run and with all the hills early on, I wasn’t sure how great I would feel towards the end.  I ran the middle 5 miles in 45:30, which was an improvement in time over my 5 mile run last month!  A total side benefit of this virtual run series!  We can easily see how each month compares to previous months and we can celebrate our successes!

In addition to this virtual run, my hubby and I also signed up to compete in the Super Bowl Edition of Runner’s Wager #MilesofShame by PavementRunner.  Nick choose the 49’ers and I took the Ravens.  Carole and her boo, Henry also opted for the challenge with her taking San Fran and Henry, being the smart guy he is, picking Baltimore.  As we all watched the game, I was razzing Carole and Nick about their possible mileage when at one point Baltimore was up by 22 points (miles).  I thought that Carole was going to get her marathon run this year! After the “moment of darkness” in the Superdome, the Niners came back to finish just 3 points (miles) behind the Ravens.   Nick and Carole have just under a 5K to run this week.  BOO!  I was hoping for at least a challenge for those two.  Maybe next year!

… to connect people in a virtual world, exchanging thoughts and ideas, when in the physical world we might never have the opportunity to cross paths.

~Demi Moore


Bettin’ on Baltimore!

One of the blogs I follow is Pavement Runner (you should too!) and I read one of his latest posts, Miles of Shame and nearly flipped with excitement!  Betting miles around the Super Bowl, brillant!  As soon as I finished reading the rules, I sent the info to my husband. 

The basic rules are:

1. Choose a team and hope they win!

2. If you lose, plan on running the difference in points in the final score of the game.  If you win, gloat, baby, gloat!

3. Loser has to post a pic proving the miles (Garmin, Daily Mile, etc.) have been run with the hashtag #miles of shame.

For more information regarding specifics, check out the blog post.

Nick graciously agreed to the challenge by taking San Francisco and I took Baltimore.  We posted our bet on PR’s blog with our picks. So this Sunday, I’ll be donning my black and purple (being a Cleveland Browns fan, I feel that rooting for Baltimore is the right call) and keeping my fingers crossed they pull off a win!

Whose up for some Super Bowl fun?!  Find a runner friend and make some bets!