WIAW #1 Summer Vacation Eats

I’ve read several posts from friends and fellow bloggers who take part in What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) and I thought I’d give it a try this summer.  I’m not a super cooker so I don’t take pictures of too many of my meals, so this is definitely a change in my normal day-to-day routine.  I’m linking up with Peas and Crayons to share my first one.

Here’s what I ate yesterday, my first day of summer vacation:

As soon as I get up:  a cup of coffee

Breakfast: A breakfast biscuit sandwich.  Yes, it was the frozen kind, but until I have time to go food shopping, I’m finishing up my school day quick breakfast foods.

Lunch: A tuna fish sandwich and a handful of Cheez-its.  (At this point, I finished 1/2 of 50 oz Essentia water)

Post 4 mile run treat: A piña colada protein smoothie with whipped cream and non-fat yogurt

Dinner:  Grilled steak and brown rice with a chimichurri sauce from The Fit Station (we had a BOGO coupon!) and a side of black olives (salty goodness)  I worked on the other 25oz of water.  This was our first time trying out Fit Station and it was awesome!  Super flavorful and reasonably priced.  Definitely won’t be the last time we grab something there for dinner!


“Birchbox” for Runners?! Awesome!

I love my monthly Birchbox shipment.  What girls wouldn’t love a beautifully wrapped box of beauty samples and other fun goodies!  Don’t worry, guys, theybirchbox-homepage-600x298-dec didn’t forget about you, they also have Birchbox Man.  In any given box, there are usually 6-8 high end samples for face cream to shampoo and nail polish to lip gloss.  Each box is based on your own personal beauty profile which you can update at any time. Some boxes have even had some cute goodies such as headphones, hair ties and chocolate covered potato chips!  The ability to try products first without spending hefty price tags is also a huge benefit.  I’ve purchased full size items of some of the samples I tried and found out others didn’t really live up to the promises.  Stupid stretch marks, I had such high hopes for that cream too!  Every month is a surprise and I love Birchbox delivery day!

While I was looking at details about #Runchat’s I love Running challenge, I saw one of the prizes listed was a monthly subscription for Strideboxsb-three-samplesThey described it as a monthly box of assorted running products (apparel, nutrition, accessories, etc.).  I had to check that out, it sounded just like Birchbox, but for runners! What a brilliant idea!  I clicked on their site and immediately signed up for the first month once I read the details.  At $15 a box, I felt like that was really reasonable and what a great way to try out new products.  Just like Birchbox, you can cancel your subscription at any time.  They just sent out the February boxes, so I’m anxiously awaiting the March delivery.  Once the box arrives, I’ll be sure to share my thoughts about it.

Now, I’ll have two days to look forward to each month, Birchbox and Stridebox days!

Life is full of challenges and surprises.

~Jill Sander