Weekly Rundown – Marathon Training

Per my post yesterday, I’m officially training for a marathon in November and this week was the official start!


Fitness Time:

I had 24 miles on my training plan, which included a few easy runs and my first progression run too.   I also have been keeping up with my monthly challenges I picked and I hit a BodyPump class with Katie and another friend too.  There was also some hill repeat work thrown in there too, but I opted to do a trail with Katie instead.  Killed two birds with that one, easy and hills!  Since I run every day, I split up some of the easy runs to keep my streak going, but I still ended up with 27 miles (and probably another 2-3 today) for a 29-30 mile week.  I met a friend to run my progression run and it ended up being more of a steady state, keeping my effort pretty even throughout the course of the run.  I ran for 48 minutes and ended up with 5 miles.  I was pleased with that as it was a good solid run!  I ran long yesterday with a hilly 10 miler along the greenway in High Point.  I haven’t been out there to run since 2010 and now I remember why!?  It was good to run somewhere different and I had great company for the run.  My watch died about .5 into the run so I ran on feeling alone and ended up running exactly the pace I need to run for pacing in September (2:15 group).  I was so ecstatic to see that I could keep that without even wearing a watch especially on a hilly course in humid and hot conditions.  Definitely celebrating that one! highpointgreenway


All the Earth Fare Athlete Ambassadors received our monthly newsletter and inside of the email, there was information about a contest.  We could post a picture telling how we mix up our exercise routines to stay healthy.  Since core work and weight training has made such great improvements in my running but also in my general fitness, I thought it was appropriate to include a picture from this week’s BodyPump class.  That’s how I mix it up! mixingitup

Happy Sunday!

Hooked on Running With Friends Works For Me!

Yesterday, I had a rough long run in the heat and humidity.   Not feeling my run AT ALL and I realized that I would not have run over 9 miles if it wasn’t for my running family.  It got me thinking that I run the majority of my runs with friends and why I would much rather run with company vs tackling solo runs.  Sure there are times when everyone needs a good solo run!  I get that, totally.   In case you’re more of a solo runner all the time, here’s a quick list of my top reasons (by no means the only reasons!) for adding up the miles with some runner friends:

Reason #1: Running with friends helps you pass miles much faster than if you were running solo.  In addition to that,  it also helps you to stay motivated when you find yourself  in a rough spot (exhausting, just not feeling it, etc.)

Reason #2: You might need a lookout.  There has been at least a handful of times that I’ve had to hit the woods on a busy Saturday morning.  My friends have successfully saved me from embarrassment several times.

Reason #3: It’s therapy!  Nothing better than spending 2 hours with someone just talking and sorting through life’s problems and rewards.  It’s also the perfect time to catch up with each other after a long week or day.  We’ve talked about everything from things going on at work and school to new restaurants to favorite books and music to upcoming events.  You name it, we’ve probably talked about it. It’s our time to all reconnect!

Reason #4:  Nobody wants to eat a post run meal alone.  What better than finishing up a nice run and hit the bagel shop with a group of friends or find a patio for some post run beers and Mexican food.  None of that happen if you only ran by yourself!

Reason #5: This one is probably my most favorite!  By running with friends, you get to celebrate in their accomplishments as if they were your own.  I got to run with some friends this week who set a goal to run two miles without stopping!  It was so awesome to by their running cheerleader!  It wasn’t the first time we’ve done that for each other and it won’t be the last!  Katie wrote about our group run here.

So before you set out to run this next week, especially if you are used to only running solo, call up a friend or two!  Stop by your local running store and join a group run!  Just hook up with some people and see if it doesn’t enhance your running.


Just some of the guys and girls that I run with!

As I get older I see that running has changed for me. What used to be about burning calories is now more about burning up what is false. Lies I used to tell myself about who I was and what I could do, friendships that cannot withstand hills or miles, the approval I no longer need to seek, and solidarity that cannot bear silence. I run to burn up what I don’t need and ignite what I do.”
Kristin Armstrong, Mile Markers: The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women Run


What are your favorite reasons for running with a friend or group?



Cinco de Run-o! Cinco de Fun-o!

May is here and it should be warm, sunny and wonderful, but right now, we’re dealing with wind, cold and rain.  I’m hoping that by the end of the week those 80 degree temps on the 7 day forecast aren’t just some sick joke.  I am ready to feel the sun and to finally put away all my winter clothes for good.

Even though the weather has been dreary, the month started off with some fun virtual events and a great Girls’ Night.  May 1st kicked off another “Run Every Day” month from I ❤ to Run.  I participated in their March event making it 12 days before I had to taper for Wrightsville.  It was the longest streak I have ever done, so though it wasn’t the full 31 days, it was still an accomplishment!  So with no races in May, I’m hoping that I can make it until the end of the month.  They also added in an additional challenge of running before the sunrise twice a week.  I’ll have to luck into that challenge. During the week, mornings are hectic enough without adding in a run. So unless I get a wild hair, probably not gonna happen.

On Thursday, a group of us all met to run a few miles together and head out to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for a little girls night, Cinco de Run-O, and patio time.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn’t get the invite and our patio time ended up being inside time, but it was fun nonetheless.  We grubbed on good food, enjoyed some big beverages and had many laughs.  Just the perfect night girls’ night out!

This week also was another 5 by the 5th.  I ran my 5 this morning during my 6 miler with my friend, Kathy.  It’s hard to believe that we only have just one more month left for the virtual race series.  It’s been a fun way to celebrate the start of each month and see some great progress on my five mile time.  Next month, I’ll run my 5 miles during the Indoor Insanity Marathon Relay.  Hopefully, setting a new 5 mile PR for the race series.

I wore my new Fellow Flowers We Run For Boston tech tee this morning on my run!  Love this shirt and it’s message, “You Cannot Destroy the Will of a Runner, We Run For Boston”!  All proceeds go to The One Fund, Inc.  It’s super soft and comfy.


You can bet your Uranus! Breaking Barriers!

Guess whose life got hectic and crazy this month?!  This girl!

Geez, I had a full intention of writing a recap of the Flying Pirate half weekend, but by the time we got back from that wonderful trip, I was running a local half, Owl’s Roost Rumble which left me just two days before I shipped out…okay, we really took a bus…to Washington DC with 200+ 8th graders and I was finally running the Nike Women Half Marathon this past Sunday. Breathe..phew!  3 half marathons in 14 days + 2 trips out-of-town = 1 tired runnergirl.

So this will be an action packed recap of each race!

Flying Pirate Woo Hoo Crew Weekend

If you are ever want an excuse to go to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to run then this is your event!  This race became my instant favorite from when I ran in its inaugural year in 2010.  This marked the 4th year of this race and it just keeps getting better!  I opted to run the Pirate’s Challenge again this year, the First in Flight 5K on Saturday and the Flying Pirate Half on Sunday.  3 medals, 2 tees and some sweet swag, it is a no brainer!

18 of us traveled to OBX on Friday, getting in at various times.  We weren’t able to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, Outer Banks Brewing Station, for dinner.  The place was too packed and we wouldn’t be able to sit together as a group.  So we opted for Five Guys instead.  Once we finished dinner, we all headed back to our rental house and settled in for the night knowing we had an early morning.

Saturday morning, 15 of us were taking part in the 5K!  That is the largest group we’ve had doing an OBX race ever!  Some of us were running together; others were walking with their boo’s.  Nick, H and I were running another family 5K together.  The course for the 5K is pretty fantastic!  You actually circle around the Wright Brothers Memorial before climbing the hill to the very top.  Once on the backside of the hill, you trot down the Greenway for an out and back.  Though H is usually enthusiastic about running, she wanted NO part of it that morning.  She wasn’t feeling her best, I was trying to keep my cool, and Nick was trying to keep both of us from losing it.  It wasn’t our finest moment. By the time we reached the finish line, H had declared she was back in retirement.  However, within 5 minutes and some water and bananas, she was already talking about our May GoFar 5K.  She makes me laugh!girlsonlypic

On Sunday, 8 of us were running the half.  We all were in really great spirits that morning.  None of us were stressing the race.  Most of us were running the race for the experience vs a time.  I had thoughts of trying to PR, but once I hit mile 10, my legs had another idea and I struggled a bit through the trail section of the course.  By the time I hit mile 12.5 and started the single track trail section, I was done.  The sun and heat were at play this year vs the torrential downpour we ran in last year.  I was beaten down by the end of the race and was happy to see that downhill finish.  I was pleased with how I ran, doing the best I could, given the conditions.  Everyone had the same opinion: we all wished it was just a bit cooler.  We enjoyed the post race festivities for a bit and made our way to Mama Kwan’s for a round of fish tacos and Bushwackers. We spent the rest of the long weekend relaxing on the beach, visiting the Currituck Lighthouse and enjoying an afternoon in Manteo.  We can’t wait for next year’s race!half runners

Owl’s Roost Rumble Trail Half

After running this one last year, I was hooked!  It’s a great trail half covering 4 different trails and Greenway near Bur-Mil park.  I’ve only trails just a handful of times and by no means am I good at it.  I run very cautiously, fearful I’m going to take a tumble at any moment.  So running this one, it always pushing me outside my comfort zone.  Katie and I signed up to run it, but found out that Melanie J and Dena were also running it too.

The women’s wave started at 8:15 and we were off!  We ran down to the Greenway and hit Owl’s Roost, the first trail.  This one is my favorite of all four.  It follows along Lake Brandt and it is pretty fun to run.  There aren’t too many roots or rocks and I fell into a good groove for the 5 mile trek.  Once I popped out of the trail and ran down the Greenway to the next trail, Nat Greene.  This one is a bit tougher for me.  A little hillier and more technical than Owl’s Roost.  It too follows along the lake and has a some really great views. I hung in there for the 3 miles along this trail. 552881_10200316853618635_1097519077_n

After another quick water break, the course takes us down Lake Brandt Road near the dam to Piedmont trail.  Although this trail is fairly flat, the roots on this one are ridiculous!  I have big feet and I have a really hard time tip toeing through all of the twisty roots.  I had a near fall on this one, snagged my toe on a tiny stump and both feet came off the ground.  I totally caught myself somehow before I took a spill.  I was getting tired through this 3 mile section and I was not picking up my feet as much.

I was relieved to see the Greenway again.  Stretched my legs out a bit while I made my way to Big Loop, the last trail.  This one is pretty easy to run other than the mile long uphill finish.  By the time I reached the finish line, I was ready to be done running.  Although I had hopes of running this one faster than last year, I was a bit slower.  I felt like I had run it better this year than last year, so I’m not sure what that means in regards to my time.  Overall, I was pleased and had a great time at our post race celebration at Ham’s.

Nike Women Half Marathon

I had mentioned in an earlier post about my sheer delight when I got into this race and the day to finally run it was here!  This was also the first race that I was doing everything entirely by myself.  With most of our group’s races, I usually have at least one other person running it too.  Not this time.  I was on my own with everything.

I was up in DC already with our school’s 8th grade field trip and after leaving them on Friday afternoon, I made my way to the Expotique via Metro to pick up my bib.  I stopped by the Nike Georgetown to pick up some Nike DC gear.  The branding for this race was awesome and I spent a lot more money than I had planned, but everything was so badass!

Expotique was really cool. Not like any Expo I have ever been too.  It was definitely made to have a spa feel and totally catered to women.  There were bra fitting areas, shoe demos, places to get your hair and make-up refreshed by Paul Mitchell and bareMinerals, and 400765_10200357145865916_784835968_nplenty of samples of Nuun and Luna Bars.  My favorite part of the Expotique was the “make your own” race day sign at the Luna station.  It was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!  I made H a race day sign. There were plenty of places around the Expo for photo ops.  It was well-organized and super quick to move through.  I was thankful.  I feared long lines with over 15,000 women registered to run.

I headed to Virginia in the late afternoon.  We were staying with some dear friends Friday night.  Nick and H made their way to Virginia also on Friday.  I was so happy to have them up there with me in DC to be at the finishing line.  On Saturday, we said good-byes to our friends and headed to DC to stay closer to the finish line.  We stayed in The Churchill Hotel, one of the Nike discounted hotels.  The hotel was amazing!  We were thrilled with the location (we were across the street from the Washington Hilton where the Correspondent’s dinner was taking place!).

We settled in and headed out for food. I yelped some nearby places and we decided to try Founding Farmers.  It had great reviews and was featured on several Food Network shows.  It did not disappoint!  We shared the Deviled Egg and Smears, Dips and Table Breads appetizers.  Nick ordered the Farmhouse soup, a kicked up Chicken Noodle soup.  H opted for their cheeseburger.  I would have liked to say I tried that, but she killed it!  She ate the whole thing and said it was the best burger she’d ever had. I was torn between two different entrees, the Black Pepper Gnocchi and Sausage and the Chicken Pot Pie.  I chose the Gnocchi dish and I was so glad I did.  It was rich and creamy.  The basil thyme amaretto cream sauce complimented the peppery-ness of the gnocchi.  The sausage and mushrooms added to the overall flavor of the dish.  I can’t wait to visit this restaurant again when we come back to DC this summer.  We took H by the White House and ended up catching the Presidential Motorcade as President Obama was escorted to the Correspondent’s dinner!  An adventure filled pre-race night!

Race day finally arrived!  I woke up at 4:30am to give myself plenty of time to walk from the hotel to the Metro.  I had a short ride on the Metro and short walk to the race start.  Because I 936907_10200357153026095_232417616_narrived so early, I was able to visit the port-a-potties only having to wait just a few minutes.  First time ever!  I was in my corral by 6am, an hour before go time.  I just took everything in as the hour passed.  More and more women streamed into the corral and by 6:40am, it was fairly packed.  At 6:55am, Joan Benoit Samuelson and Shalane Flanagan came on the stage to announce the start of the race!  It was amazing to be in the presence of two Olympians.  They were both running the race too and I secretly hoped I’d see them on the course.  No luck!577554_10200357153666111_1015203709_n

At 7am, the horn sounded and we were off!  I thought that perhaps they would stagger the corrals, but that wasn’t the case.  It was a whole group start which lead to a bit of chaos.  It was fairly hectic through the first few miles.  I saw some women go down, others would stop and start walking without any kind of warning.  It was a little unsettling.  By mile 4, the craziness had calmed and I started to enjoy the race.

There was entertainment along the course about every 2 miles.  The two drum bands in 644496_10200357154866141_1908155560_nthe tunnel at mile 1 and again at mile 10 were outstanding.  I was throwing my hands up, keeping up with the beat.  It was awesome!  In addition to the entertainment, there were the “miles of encouragement”, as I called it.  It started off around mile 6 with inspirational words on signs, mile 7 were posters of quotes and sayings and mile 8 were reasons why we run.  It was really cool and the miles passed by quickly.  Once we passed mile 10, you could feel the surge towards the finish line.  We were headed back towards the start/finish line and we just had 2 miles left once we turned onto Pennsylvania Ave headed towards the Capitol.

Those last two miles flew by and once I could see the finish line, I just kept a good even 935122_10200357156586184_1334792668_npace and pushed towards it.  Once I crossed the red carpet, my bib was scanned and I was congratulated for finishing the race.  I was ushered towards men in tuxedos with silver trays holding little blue Tiffany boxes, our “medals”.  Each participant receives a Tiffany finisher’s necklace.  DC firefighters were passing out the boxes to each runner.  I quickly snapped a picture and headed towards the post race food line.  I grabbed a blue Tiffany bag and a few snacks.

The finisher tee tent was next.  Nike has it set up right.  Each runner gets in a size line where you grab your finisher tee.  You can try them on, right then and there and make exchanges once you exit the tent, if needed.  It’s a brilliant concept!  I wish other races would do that.  It’s much more convenient than having to return later to an Expo to make an exchange.  I found Nick and H in the crowd by this point and they followed me down the line as I passed each station until we could reunite.

Just like the Expotique, Paul Mitchell and bareMinerals had tents set up for you to have your hair and make-up refreshed after running.  I didn’t take advantage of these areas.  The lines were really long.  We did wait in line to take pictures with the Nike background. I didn’t realize until then that there were not photographers at all along the course or finish line.  I am disappointed about that now.  I usually purchase a picture from each race, luckily I have some great pictures that I can use. I hope they change that for future DC races.

The whole Nike Women half experience was first class!  Nike does it right.  I had an awesome time at the race and the whole event was fantastic.  Other than a few bumps, the mass start and the lack of photographers, this is an amazing event!  I am now thinking I might put my name into the lottery for San Francisco.  I’m hooked.476313_10200355588626986_1195147229_o

Half Fanatic status update!

By having run 3 half marathons in 14 days, I moved up in the ranks!  I am now at Uranus!   And I might just stay there…it makes me laugh. I’m at Uranus. Now that’s funny.

All the concepts about stepping out of your comfort zone mean nothing until you decide that your essential purpose, vision and goals are more important than your self-imposed limitations.

~Robert White

A Color Me Awesome Week!

The last two weeks have been jammed pack and I really had all intentions of blogging about it but I just was holding on, waiting for Spring break.

The weekend after Wrightsville was the start of the local Spring racing season and we kicked it off in true Woo Hoo fashion at the Old Town Beerun.  It was a great time spent with friends even though the weather was less than cooperative.  Find our recap here:

I celebrated my 39th birthday the day after the Beerun.  It was the only good thing about a Monday…haha!  Nick and H bought me some beautiful tulips and some other goodies (my favorite coffee and sea salt chocolate) and we went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant, Lindley Park Filling Station.  It was low key day, but it was perfect.  We were hosting a cookout the following weekend with some of our closest friends.

This week also brought another surprise.  I had applied through Active Ambassadors to become a member of Team ZonePerfect.  It had been several weeks since I filled out the application and I didn’t expect to hear anything for a few more weeks.  I received an email inviting me to join 99 other moms to joint the Team.  They are asking us to spread the word about their kiddo friendly line, Kidz ZonePerfect bars.  I still am learning everything that will be involved with the sponsorship, but I’m excited for the opportunity.  My bars and other goodies should be here any day.  H and I are pretty excited to try them out and pick our favorite flavor! #sponsored

We finished off the school week with a “Run to Frozato” with our girls running club.  We had 35 girls show up to run/walk the 2 mile trip to get some yummy frozen yogurt.  The girls did amazingly well.  The group I ran with held to a 3 minute run, 1 minute walk for the whole 2 miles. They have really come a long way since our first time meeting.  I’m really proud of them!  It was a lot of fun and they were super proud of themselves too.

And finally this weekend brought the much anticipated Color Me Rad run.  As soon as H saw the website for this race, she HAD to do it.  We were excited to be able to run another 5K as a family too. Several of our other running friends all signed up too, so we had a pretty large group all running together.  The race itself was super fun but before that, not so much.  It was a little hectic at times with over 7,000 runners and I had flashbacks of how I felt running the Cooper River Bridge Run a few years ago.  I do not deal too well with the lack of true corrals and although we were in the 9am wave that really meant nothing.  Everyone was all jammed together at the starting line.

We got separated from our group of friends moving to start the line.  Every time we’d look for someone, all you would see were white shirts.  It was hard to pick anyone out of the crowd.  I held on to H’s hand for fear that we’d get separated.  We ended up starting with only 1/3 of our group.  We stopped on the side of the road once we took off, hoping to be reunited with everyone else.  We ended up finding Bonnie and her kiddos and Carole and Henry and his niece and nephew.  We didn’t catch Christie and Eric.  (We later found out they were in our same corral, not behind of us like we thought).

We got moving along the course and the hectic feeling went away pretty quickly.  It was still tough keeping up with the kids with everyone dressed alike.  Need to figure out something different to do next year, if we run it again.  The kiddos had a blast!  The color stations were spaced out well, just far enough apart where the kiddos could walk/run and not get bored or whiny.  This one of the first 5Ks that H was probably disappointed to see the finish line. We arrived back at the start, fully colored from head to toe and smiling.  It was a wonderful time with our family and friends.  We stuck around for the last “color bomb” where everyone throws their packets of colored goodness everywhere then headed home, leaving dusty reminders of our fun all over the car. 601344_357524511035679_323518562_n

“You’ve got to be noisy and colorful and lively.”

~Mel Brooks

A Balancing Act

7 days of exercise this week, really?! I’m still in awe that I did it and I wasn’t totally shattered by the end of week and it didn’t disrupt our family life. At the start of the week, I wasn’t sure I was going to get any runs/exercise in with a school meeting Tuesday night and the hubby traveling for work, but somehow everything worked out!  Funny how that happens…

Here’s some of this week’s highlights:

Monday and Wednesday: Some running with some of my runner girl friends (Christie, Amy and Amanda), a solo run and Body Pump (Monday).

Tuesday:  Body Pump with 2 of my friends, Katie and Bekah.  Total bonus day of exercise!  I left school, hit the 4:30 class at the Y near my school, stayed through 5:15, freshened up, and headed back to school for parent night at 6pm.  True testimony that anyone can make time for exercise…where there is a will (or craziness) there is a way.

Thursday:  Another girls running club day!  We had 45 girls show up for some yoga.  Andrea led us through breathing exercises and several poses.  The girls (and Bekah and I) had their share of giggles, but settled down after a bit.  They really did a great job! I also realized how much I missed yoga! I need to find a way to mix in classes again.  I grabbed H from school and we headed out for dinner.  No cooking while Daddy’s gone!

Friday: March 1st started the March “RUN EVERY DAY” challenge hosted by I ❤ to run.  I was so torn because I didn’t really have time to run at least one mile before a group of us were heading out to celebrate Katie’s birthday, but I really wanted to see if I could even keep up with a streak for a month.  I finally gave it amends and thought, worse comes to worse, I could just start my own streak on Saturday.  After a few brews and some yummy pizza at Brixx, the hubby and I headed home for the night.

On the drive home, I couldn’t get the challenge out my head.  It was 9:30pm, I had a few beers and a full tummy, but I kept thinking I only have to run a mile, I only have to run ONE mile.  I could run a mile, just one, right?  I changed into my running clothes, threw on my reflective vest and called on the 12athon God and reminisced about our Drunk Pregnant Bunny run from last year’s challenge and headed out to run.  Though that day was way crazier than my mile run, who knew that all that 12athon silliness would be a prelude?!  Nick looked at me like I had literally lost my mind…perhaps I had.  I intended to stay just within our cul-de-sac, but actually felt good and headed out along my normal running route.  I giggled a lot about the ridiculousness of all this, I talked and sang to myself (not a big fan of running at night by myself), and knew that this would make a great story at some point.  Nick was waiting for me out on our driveway, just shaking his head when I showed back up.  March running streak…it’s on!

Saturday: A group of girls had made plans to run a local trail, Owl’s Roost mid-afternoon.  I wasn’t sure if I’d meet up with them or not, but H wanted to stay out another night at her grandparents and Nick was still tired from his trip, so it was the perfect time to get a run in without missing out on family time with them.  4 of us (Katie, Andrea, Sarah and I) met out 5 by the 5that the park and headed out for the 5 mile trail.  It was also the perfect distance for this month’s Mommy Run Fast 5 by the 5th challenge.  We all stuck together and had a great run!

Once we headed back to the parking lot,  Amy was just finishing up with her run and we headed for a quick brew.  After many appetizers and two desserts (!!), I headed home for movie night with the hubby.

Sunday: Long run day!  I wasn’t sure how I’d feel this morning, but I slept great and 2013-03-03 13.07.23apparently all my carb loading Friday and Saturday worked perfectly.  Kathy and I hung together for our 9.75 miler along the Greenway.  We both had a great day running and I enjoyed our time together this morning.  H and I had plans to see Annie this afternoon at a local theater, so I instead of doing the normal bagel trip, I opted for some homemade Mexican eggs instead and got home shortly after she did from the in-laws.

I learned a lot about balance this week, how to continue to juggle all the things that I have going on daily (work and family).  I learned that I can always do more within any given hours of the day.  I also reconfirmed that exercising and running doesn’t have to affect my family life.  I can make it all work with the help and support of Nick and H.

We need to debunk “work[out]-life balance.”  It’s not about continuing an impossible balancing act. What we need is a stronger support system.

~ Amy Tiemann, “Mojo Mom”

Weekly Mash-up — Herding Cats and a Team Challenge

This week has been an unusual one!  With a workday, some icy weather and just getting back into town from last week’s amazing girls’ trip, I didn’t have time to really sit down like I intended to write about this week’s fun — so a weekly mashup it is!

Thursday was our 2nd girls running club meeting.  We had 45 eager young ladies show up to begin our first day of our official Couch to 5K training run.  Andrea mapped out a route for us to take through the neighborhood near our school.  Heading out for our run, we walked as one huge group for 5 minutes to warm-up.  After that point, we were going to run/jog for 1 minute with a 1.5 minute walking recovery.  That’s when the group started to break up into smaller groups based on abilities–Let the herding cats begin!  Andrea took the lead with the girls who could run the whole route, I hung out in the middle with the girls who were running and walking, and Bekah was at the back of the group with the girls that were walking most of the route.  Luckily for us, we have a great group of girls and they payed attention, tried their bests and kept up well.

The girls did so great!  Most of them, I think, surprised themselves, at how far they could run and everyone was just beaming with pride when they realized that we had completed a 2.7 mile route.  They are excited to meet this coming week and to do it all again!

As the week came to a close, I was looking forward to this weekend’s long run.  Four of us from our running group, The Woo Hoo Crew, were participating in the #Anywhere5K Team Challenge, each team member’s time will be added together for a group time.  Daniel, Cara, Carole and I all signed up to be on a team and ran our 5K as part of our long run this morning. The weather was absolutely perfect!anywhere5K

Virtually Running It! recap

This month kicked off another 5 by the 5th virtual run sponsored by Mommy Run Fast.  Runners can sign up to run a 5K or 5 miler during the first 5 days of each month from January to June.  She has awesome prizes lined up monthly, as well as at the end of the series. What better motivation than to get out there and run for goodies!  There is also great support and camaraderie on her Facebook page from fellow runners through comments and pictures.  There are 465 runners signed up to participate, mostly women.

I had an 11 miler, which turned into a 12 miler, so my 5 miles were tied into my long run.  I mapped a pretty hilly route for the WHC to run.  Thanks to Carole for the route suggestion, yeah right?!!  524 feet elevation gain over the course of the run!?  In her true positive light, she reminded us that Myrtle Beach half in two weekends should be a breeze after this route.

I choose to count the middle 5 miles, since it takes me so long to warm-up on a long run and with all the hills early on, I wasn’t sure how great I would feel towards the end.  I ran the middle 5 miles in 45:30, which was an improvement in time over my 5 mile run last month!  A total side benefit of this virtual run series!  We can easily see how each month compares to previous months and we can celebrate our successes!

In addition to this virtual run, my hubby and I also signed up to compete in the Super Bowl Edition of Runner’s Wager #MilesofShame by PavementRunner.  Nick choose the 49’ers and I took the Ravens.  Carole and her boo, Henry also opted for the challenge with her taking San Fran and Henry, being the smart guy he is, picking Baltimore.  As we all watched the game, I was razzing Carole and Nick about their possible mileage when at one point Baltimore was up by 22 points (miles).  I thought that Carole was going to get her marathon run this year! After the “moment of darkness” in the Superdome, the Niners came back to finish just 3 points (miles) behind the Ravens.   Nick and Carole have just under a 5K to run this week.  BOO!  I was hoping for at least a challenge for those two.  Maybe next year!

… to connect people in a virtual world, exchanging thoughts and ideas, when in the physical world we might never have the opportunity to cross paths.

~Demi Moore


Bettin’ on Baltimore!

One of the blogs I follow is Pavement Runner (you should too!) and I read one of his latest posts, Miles of Shame and nearly flipped with excitement!  Betting miles around the Super Bowl, brillant!  As soon as I finished reading the rules, I sent the info to my husband. 

The basic rules are:

1. Choose a team and hope they win!

2. If you lose, plan on running the difference in points in the final score of the game.  If you win, gloat, baby, gloat!

3. Loser has to post a pic proving the miles (Garmin, Daily Mile, etc.) have been run with the hashtag #miles of shame.

For more information regarding specifics, check out the blog post.

Nick graciously agreed to the challenge by taking San Francisco and I took Baltimore.  We posted our bet on PR’s blog with our picks. So this Sunday, I’ll be donning my black and purple (being a Cleveland Browns fan, I feel that rooting for Baltimore is the right call) and keeping my fingers crossed they pull off a win!

Whose up for some Super Bowl fun?!  Find a runner friend and make some bets!

Weekend Workout Warrior!

This weekend has been a treat!  We ended up with stay at home day from school and work on Friday, thanks to almost 3 inches of snow that fell Thursday night.  But by Saturday and Sunday, the sun made it’s way out finally after a dreary week and the temps yesterday reached near 60!  Today, it’s been sunny, but a cold front is definitely on its way.  What strange weather!

The only unfortunate thing with the snow is it ruined our plans to visit my sister in Raleigh.  My sis and brother–in-law have a new baby, S, who is now 2 months old.  My mom, H and I were planning to go there on Sunday and stay through Tuesday, but with the snow, Tuesday became our snow make-up day.  I am still disappointed that we didn’t get a chance to go and stay for a few days to visit.  I was looking forward to getting some baby time!

So with the change in plans, I seized the time off and the beautiful weather to get in some workouts.  I thought by yesterday, I’d feel tired and worn out, but I haven’t felt better.  I hope that my body is adapting to working out more.  I’m trying to do something every day, even if it’s for 15 minutes. Thanks to those little daily workouts, I can get a quick little core workout on days I’m crunched for time.

Here’s a recap of my weekend:

  • Friday:  Daily Workout
  • Saturday: I hit the Body Pump 84 launch and CXWorx at my gym with my friend, Christie.  Body Pump 84 is amazing!  The new bicep track with just the plates might be my new favorite.  When using the bar all the time, I knew that my right arm was compensating for my weaker left arm.  With the plates, both arms are on their own, having to do their own work. I look forward to seeing how I progress in my weights.
  • Sunday: 10 (hilly, hilly) miles with Melanie J and Carole.  The 3 of us took on a much hillier route than I originally thought.  I should be banned from mapping any more routes! We ended up running it really well, but were all done by the time we finished. Katie, Nathan and Russell came out to run easy recovery miles, having ran long on Saturday.  Daniel, Andrea and Kay came for breakfast!  Pancakes and laughter with 9 of my friends totally made it all worth it!  Later in the day, Katie and I hit the CXWorx class for another core workout.
  • Today:  A short circuit workout. I warmed up with a solo mile, then did Sunday’s daily workout, then headed out with H for another mile.  Our family is running the Color Me Rad 5K in March and she and I are starting her training.  She’s run several 5K’s before and trained at school with the GoFar program.  This will be our 3rd family 5K and we are super excited about this fun race.  We walked for 3 minutes and ran for 1 minute.  She was doing great.  With the last .25, she wanted to run the whole thing, so we went for it!  She was so proud of herself. 🙂  I was too!.

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.

~ Martin Luther King Jr.