Thinking Out Loud

Happy Thursday!!  We are successfully headed towards the weekend.  Woo Hoo!!  I’m thinking out loud today and letting it fly! Thinking-Out-Loud

I signed up a few months ago with Stitch Fix.  I had several friends who had some luck with the service and I thought why not?!  I already receive Ipsy (referral code) and love it so a clothing and accessory subscription box sounded like something I would love.  For $20 a fix, they send you 5 different pieces. Keep what you want, send back what you don’t like.  I’ve received 3 of them now and I’m hooked!  I kept one item from my first box, 3 from my second and now all 5 pieces from this month’s box.  I love that you can ask the stylists to send you certain pieces based on what you might need in your wardrobe.  My focus this month was sleeveless tops for work!  I was sent three of them, a pair of cropped pants and awesome earrings!  If you are interested in trying it out for yourself, I do have a referral codestitchfix#3

All my TV guilty pleasures have started back up…Big Brother and So You Think You Can Dance.  These are two of my favorite shows!!  I’m a sucker for a reality TV show and Big Brother doesn’t fail to deliver.  It’s entertaining and funny.  SYTYCD is mixing it up this season and doing two teams, Team Stage and Team Street.  Who’s the captain of Team Street?  Twitch!  I fell in love with him the first time he was ever on the show and he still is amazing!

Hayden and I had an awesome time volunteering yesterday for a special local charity, BackPack Beginnings.  We signed up to help for a few hours in their warehouse, helping to inventory donations.  I’m hoping we can help a few more times this summer while we are home.  It’s great that Hayden is old enough to be able to help so well now and she enjoys doing it as well.  She gets that is important to help others and I love that it is something that we can do together.  We’re headed back on Sunday to help stuff backpacks.

We also at our a new to our town restaurant, but a favorite of ours from our trips to Annapolis, Noodle & Company.  It’s one of our favorites.  Hayden has been a vegetarian for almost 6 months now so it was a treat to find some good choices for her that weren’t just a salad.  She loved their Japanese pan noodles and the Thai Curry Soup.  She also got to practice her amazing chopstick skills! 🙂 noodlesandcompany

So what are thinking about?  What’s going on with you?  Share it with me!

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Go be awesome! 🙂


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Weekly Fitness and Meal Plan

Happy Monday!! Hope that everyone is enjoying the last minutes of their long weekend.

This week is jam packed at work. End of year testing starts! It’s always makes for long days. My 8th grade students also have their Spanish I assessment this week. May is a super busy.



Monday – Meeting Christine and Cara to run 3.65 miles!! Christine has run every day for a year!!

Tuesday – Run 4 and dollar tacos after!

Wednesday – Speed work of some sort. We’ve been making it up as we go along.

Thursday – Run 4

Friday – 1 mile

Saturday – We will be in Williamsburg for the weekend. I’m planning on running 5 miles for the Virtual Badass Runner 5 miler

Sunday – 4-5 miles either in Williamsburg or when we get home.

Meal Plan

We have some delicious Hello Fresh meals. Our box arrived late Wednesday so we saved everything for this week.

  • Tarragon Chicken and Wheat Berry Salad
  • Cuban Style Picadillo
  • Roasted Veggie Quesadilla

Our newest box will show up Thursday due to Memorial Day.

What’s on your fitness and meal plan this week?  Anything exciting?

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Go be awesome! 🙂


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Thinking Out Loud Thursday

It’s Thursday!!  It’s Thursday!  We are one more day closer to the weekend.  Hang in there, folks, we are so close! 🙂

I’m excited to be joining up with Running with Spoons for another Thinking Out Loud Thursday.  I’ve come to look forward to these blog posts the most because I love the freeness of just writing.  Thinking-Out-LoudSo here’s what I’m thinking…

This weekend is our much anticipated Flying Pirate Weekend!!  It’s our yearly trek to the Outer Banks with our friends and family to run the Flying Pirate half marathon and enjoy the sights, sounds, food and fun of OBX.  Our kiddos have come to look forward to this race as much as the adults.  It’s one of my favorite weekends!  We’ve perfected our weekend plans and enjoy lunch at some of our favorite restaurants, as well as cooking a huge pre-race meal.  Our post race Monday includes a Bloody Mary breakfast.  The weekend has become much more than the actual races, but more about just being together.  It’s one of those weekends that just leaves you smiling! 232323232fp93232_uqcshlukaxroqdfv_;68=ot_2327=963=__8=XROQDF_279938_526248ot1lsi

My student teacher has just a few days left with us.  It’s been a learning experience for us both.  I am pretty excited to finally have my kiddos back and to start teaching again.  It’s funny when she first started taking my classes, it felt like a vacation.  But now, after weeks of not teaching and just observing, I’m ready to get back to it.  I’m missing it.  I’m ready to start planning lessons again, working with my kiddos and finishing out the year on a high note.you_cant_scare_me_i_teach_middle_school_tshirt-p235822029270728442zvwmt_400

So yesterday, I read this post by Jessica from the Fit Switch and it really hit home for me.  Firstly, I appreciate her being so honest and truthful in her post and unapologetically herself.  Secondly, she shared information about her recent struggle with sticking to a food plan and that she had some bumps in the road as the weekend neared.  She wrote how she’s killing her workouts but when it comes to food and eating, that she’s just not at the same level and that she’s recommitting to giving her best to her food and diet now too!  She also points out that we do struggle and that we do “fall off the wagon” but that women need to talk about food and dieting without judgment.  We all struggle with food in different ways.  It’s called life and living.

This was my comment to her:

Thank you for sharing! Every day is a new start and who cares if we have to start over every day?! One day, we won’t have to start over and we will have figured out what works and stick with it. Any movement forward is progress. May not feel like it, but it is! We have to be kind to ourselves too and realize that we are going to mess up, we are going to stumble, but that we can stand back up and keep pushing forward. Maybe the phrase I use for tough races can also apply to food and getting control…relentless forward progress.

I am in the same boat and find myself getting frustrated about the exact same thing. I am a force to be reckoned with when it comes to my daily workouts but the minute someone suggests eating out, grabbing a beer, I fall right in and forget making good choices.

Food for me is so social. It’s about hanging out with friends, talking around the table, etc and I just can’t find a way to be reasonable with my food and still be social. I feel like it has to be one or the other. I’m learning. I’ll get there one day. :) But I will not beat myself up about it when I slip up. Start again! Relentless forward progress!

And after writing that, I had my own “lightning bolt moment”.  I have work to do too when it comes to my diet.  I have to start putting in as much effort with my own diet as I do my workouts and running.  They aren’t separate things, but a partnership.  I have to attack my food plan and meals like I do a workout and listen to my body for cues on being full, one of anything is enough and making good choices.  I got this!  I am recommitting to my diet.  I’m going to make a plan and with our Hello Fresh box coming next week, it’s a perfect time to start.  I’m on it!  I’m going back to including meal planning each week.  I felt more accountable when I had a plan and I stuck to cooking more when I did it.

I’ll start on Wednesday next week, with Flying Pirate this week through Monday and Tuesday, I’ll do my best to make good choices, but honestly, I’d be setting myself up for failure.  Come Wednesday, it’s on!  Relentless Forward Progress! 61305993

So what’s on your mind? What are you thinking about?  Share it with me!

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Happy Week!


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Favorite Springtime Foods

For this Friday Five, we’re sharing our favorite Springtime foods.   I look forward to Spring every year for not only the weather, but the food choices too.  All winter long, I want nothing more than comfort food:  pot pies, casseroles…heavier foods.  There’s something very satisfying in eating warm food during the winter.  With the start of Spring, I really look forward to lighter foods and fresh fruit and veggie choices!

Now, I’m not gonna lie.  I actually had no clue when certain fruits and veggies were in season.  I think I have a good guess, but I might be way off.  In case you are scratching your head too, I found a great list. Some of my Springtime foods aren’t really “in season”, then I’m going with it’s what I crave more during this time of year.

1. Avocados

Now I can pretty much eat avocados every day, but right now, they are all I can think about!  I bought some this week to make some guacamole, I saved a few to slice up as a side, and I want to try this recipe: The Perfect Avocado Toast from Cooking Light.  It’s their pic.  Doesn’t that look super yummy?!avocado-toast

2. Vidalia Onions

If you are from the South, you have not lived until you have had Vidalia onions.  A sweet onion that is perfect when sautéed in butter.  I top my pierogis with them.  So good!

3. Berries

Spring starts berry season!!  Starts with strawberries then slowly through the next few months, we add in blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.  We grabbed a super big mixed fresh berry bowl from the grocery store and the three of us killed it!  So good!  We can also make some mixed berry compote again for angel food cake or maybe ice cream! berrycompote

4. Pineapple and Honeydew

Another favorite of mine!!  I ate pineapple when I was pregnant like it was my job!  I could not get enough of it and to this day, I could eat a whole container all myself daily.  Honeydew is probably my favorite melon, especially when dipped in that sweet yogurt dip you can find at the grocery store.  YUM!

5. Salads

Salads just taste better in the warmer months.  We tend to eat a lot more of them for dinner as a side or even as a main dish topped with chicken.  Some of our favorites are Caesar, Chipotle Chopped Salad bag mix and a typical garden salad topped with a ton of veggies.  We also make a good veggie filled pasta salad too! laborday4

What food are you most looking forward to this Spring? 

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Happy Week!


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WIAW: New York Eats

This past weekend, we were in NYC for a long weekend.  Before going, I researched a few restaurants that we would go to.  I had to make sure that the places we chose were child friendly, but still had a good menu and brews on tap.  I mean it’s a vacation for us all!?

Friday early dinner

We got into NYC about 2pm and were really hungry.  We talked towards Times Square and went to Junior’s for an early dinner/late lunch.  Each table also gets a sampling of pickles, cabbage slaw and pickled beets.  The beets were awesome!!  I ordered Something Different, a “sandwich” with 2 potato cakes surrounding beef brisket with mushroom gravy and a side of homemade applesauce.  I also ordered a Captain Lawrence IPA, which was my brew of choice all weekend!fridaylunch

Friday late night

We opted for NY style pizza but I quickly gobbled that up without taking a picture

Saturday Morning

Nick headed down to a little coffee shop right near our hotel and grabbed a few goodies.  He got me an everything bagel and a coffee with a chocolate covered strawberry for breakfast dessert.  We also got an apple pastry that was so heavy and so good! It didn’t stand a chance.  It was nice to have breakfast in bed!saturdaybreakfast

Saturday Dinner

We found this awesome teeny tiny Italian restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen called Patzeria Family and Friends.  It was like sitting in the kitchen of your grandma’s house.  It smelled amazing the minute we walked in and we were so grateful that they had a table.  I ordered penne pasta with vodka sauce and Italian sausage.  It was so good!  Exactly the perfect meal for a cold night! That’s a meal I’ll dream about and crave for a long time.saturdaydinner

Sunday Morning

We had breakfast in bed again.  I forgot a pic of my Dulce de Leche coffee and yogurt.

Sunday Lunch

We went to Ruby Foo’s in Times Square.  It was really cool inside and the food was really good.  Hayden was in heaven!  She loves Asian cuisine.  We ordered wonton soup and lettuce wraps to start and then I ordered Wok Stir-Fry Chicken.  It was sweet and sour, just perfect!  Hayden ordered Beef Udon and took several bites of it, but it was a little too spicy for her.  So we switched entrees.  I was happy to switch!  The beef udon had some good spice to it!  It was really good!sundaylunch

Sunday Dinner

We stopped at the Irish Pub near our hotel for some appetizers and brews before we headed to the airport for our late flight home.  We got a sampler platter of different foods and a chicken quesadilla.  Hayden got a slice of NY cheesecake.sundaysnack

We got to try a bunch of different restaurants and pretty much ate everything we wanted to try.  I do wish we would have hit a burger place considering that’s my favorite thing to eat.

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You Can’t Quit Food Cold Turkey

Do you hear that?  There’s something coming from your pantry. Or the fridge.  Is it that last piece of cake?  Or is it that box of Cheez-its? Either way, something you crave is calling your name.  What do you do?

This week’s theme for The Fit Dish is all about what we do to overcome unhealthy temptations and cravings.  I’m going to be honest here and say that I struggled with even posting anything on this topic.  I’m by far the last person to give any advice on eating healthy or not.  I try to make good choices, but I don’t always.  I also struggled with the fact that by even offering suggestions on how I overcome unhealthy temptations was I going against what I truly feel about something being “healthy” or “unhealthy” and how I handle these day to day cravings and temptations.  I sat on this blog post for a day, really thinking about it.

So here’s what I think.  I think with avoidance becomes obsession.  Stick with me for a minute.  So let’s say that I’m craving some Cheez-Its.  I could do a half dozen things to overcome that craving.  I could drink some water, walk around a bit, substitute a piece of fruit for that snack, throw the box away, not buy them at all, etc.  At the end of all that, I am pretty sure, I’ll still want some Cheez-its. I’ll have avoided eating them, but in turn, I’ll just actually obsess about them more knowing that I shouldn’t eat them.  This in turn is making me want them more than I did 10 minutes ago.

When I quit smoking, I quit cold turkey.  No patches, no gum, nothing.  I just stopped smoking.  At the beginning, it was all I could think about it.  I wasn’t smoking, but I wanted to smoke.  I did all kinds of things to take my mind off of not smoking.  I started making jewelry in an effort to keep my hands busy, I started running, I chewed on pen caps on the way home from work, etc.  I did all those things, but at the end of the day, I wanted to smoke.  Sure I could have given in, what’s just one?  It would mean I’d have to “quit” again.  That could translate into cravings, I could just not give in to the temptation. But for me, food isn’t a cold turkey kind of thing. It’s not about substitution or distractions.

For me, food is more about learning moderation and self-control and less about distractions and avoidance.  I grab a handful of Cheez-Its, savor them and move on.  Did I eat some unhealthy?  You bet I did.  Will I feel bad about it?  Probably not.  I’d actually think I’d feel worse if I went through a bunch of steps to avoid them and still ate them anyways, then to realize that one handful of crackers wasn’t the worse thing I could do.  Did I eat just a handful?  It was probably generous and I’d probably want more.  That’s where knowing my limits and using self-control come in.  One handful doesn’t derail anything.  Savor that moment and move on.

I make good choices 90% of the time when I eat.  I try to stay away from fried food.  I eat my fruits and veggies.  I’m a stickler for protein at every meal.  But there are times, I want Cheez-its or a donut or another brew.  5% of the time, I’ll really think about it and realize that I don’t need it.  I try to think about food and how I need it to fuel my body for what I’m asking it to do. But then that last 5% is when I’m just going to say yes!  Just as in running and life, food and eating is the same way.  Everything in moderation and exert some self-control.

What’s your thought on overcoming cravings?  How do you deal with them? 

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Happy Week!

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WIAW – Just One

I admit it. I dropped the ball on taking any pictures for this week’s WIAW but with my cravings, my combinations of food would have made even the strong feel a bit weak in the tummy.

There was one treat that I had to have after our date night on Friday. Nick and I enjoyed our usual pre-long run dinner at Rio Grande, our favorite Mexican restaurant. I ordered the steak burrito with rice and beans. It was so good!

After dinner we ran to the grocery store because I needed my Clif bar for the next day’s run. Once we entered the store, I made a beeline for the bakery. I needed something disgustingly sweet and I found this! IMG_2530.JPG

Yup, a Halloween Devil Dog! It was everything I hoped it would be. It took me two days to eat it. 🙂

Have you ever just ate something that you usually would never eat?

WIAW – Post Run Eats

For this week’s WIAW, I thought I’d highlight some of this week’s post run grub.  I enjoyed some great food after my runs this week!

After my pacing race on Saturday, I was really craving some salt!  It was so hot and humid for the whole race and I needed to get some salt back into my body.  We ordered some Caldo de Pollo (Chicken soup) on Friday and I instantly knew that’s what I wanted!  Leftover chicken soup.  If you have never treated yourself to Caldo de Pollo, you are missing out!   It is so good!  Shredded chicken over Mexican rice with pico de gallo and slices of fresh avocado all swimming in a warm, flavorful broth!  It has everything that you would want after a long run!caldodepollo

After Sunday’s recovery run, a few of us went out for breakfast to a local diner.  I usually am not in the mood for eggs, but their take on a Greek omelet was calling my name!  It was a 3 egg omelet filled with spinach and feta.  I added diced tomatoes and I wish I would have thought to add mushrooms too!  Missed opportunity!  I chose the hashbrowns and rye bread toast.  It was so good!  The salt from the feta was so good with the spinach and tomatoes.  The hashbrowns were cooked perfectly!  Crispy just like I like them!  I had such a taste for rye bread; it was the perfect choice!popeyeomelet

After Monday’s run, I drank one of my newest favorite drink, Organic Fuel, and I ate a leftover packet of apple slices.  It was exactly what I wanted! organicfuel


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Happy Week!






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Friday Five: Fueling Food Favorites

A topic that is near and dear to me…FOOD!  For this Friday’s Five, I’ll share my favorite food fueling options.  These are the must haves for me while training for races.  Some of them are pretty typical, others not so much!

Mexican Food

Seriously.  It is by far my favorite meal to eat before a long run.  Some people shy away from it, for fear that it will cause tummy issues, but I have found that it is exactly the right balance of what I need for my long runs.  I usually opt for a steak burrito of some sort with a ton of rice and beans.  The mix of the protein and carbs is just right and it keeps me fueled for my long runs.  I haven’t honestly found anything else that works as well for me.  Add in the chips and salsa too!  It’s the perfect pre long run meal for me. chipsandsalsa


I just recently found out that I have a really low level of potassium and I need to make sure that I put it back into my body after my long runs.  Most people would just grab a banana, but unfortunately, I get the absolute worst heartburn from bananas.  I can’t even tell you the last time I had one.  I asked the doctor for other potassium rich foods so that I could make sure that I consciously include them.  When he said avocado, I about cheered!  They are my favorite after school snack.  I add a teeny bit of salt and will just eat it right out of the halfed shell.  It’s so good!avocado

Noosa Yoghurt

I’m addicted!  I love all types of yogurt, but this one reminds me so much of the yummy, velvety yogurt I had when we visited Sweden years ago.  I woke up every morning and headed to the breakfast in our hotel and would enjoy the creamiest, smoothest yogurt ever!  I’ve tried all kinds of yogurt for years looking for something similar but had no luck until I tried Noosa on a whim.  After that first bite, I knew I had found something similar!  I love that it’s an 8oz serving which is perfect for breakfast or a pre-run snack.  I’m fortunate that I can eat dairy before a run without having any tummy issues.  They came out with a pumpkin flavored one for Fall which I cannot wait to try!Chocolate Milk

I counted chocolate milk as one of my necessary “gear” items yesterday so it definitely makes my list for fueling options.  Chocolate milk is an absolute must have for me after a long run.  I like the kicked up chocolate milk from Shamrock Farms.  Their Rockin’ Refuel milks are awesome.  They add extra protein to chocolate milk to make it 20g and it’s the perfect 2 to 1 carb-to-protein ratio.  Post Long Run Breakfast

Whether it’s pancakes, a veggie omelet, a Mexican egg bowl and cat head biscuits from Smith Street Diner, or a bagel and cream cheese, a post long run breakfast is a must!  We often plan our runs around where we will eat breakfast after finish and will change locations depending on what we have a taste for!  It is sometimes my motivation to get in my miles.  With our recent 18 and 20 miler runs, breakfast became lunch and we headed to two of our favorite places for a brew and sandwich.  Eating something right after a long run is essential to recovery!

Happy Week!






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WIAW – School Lunches

For this week’s WIAW, we are headed back to the school cafeteria!   The school lunches have come a long way since I was in school!  We used to have rectangle pizza with tator tots underneath it.  I mean what was that?!  I find the options they are providing for school lunches are a big improvement over those days.  There are daily fruit and veggie choices, whole grain products, nothing is fried, and salt is limited, if used at all.  One of my eating problems is portion control and with eating school lunches, that is taken care of for me.  I have actually lost 4 lbs since school started by eating at school.


Entree choices: Beef and Red Chili Burrito or Spicy Chicken Sandwich

I opted for the Spicy Chicken sandwich, Spanish Rice, Salad and Pineapple (which didn’t make it into the photo).  The chicken sandwich is alright and it comes on a whole wheat bun.  I really like the rice, it’s spicy and flavorful.  The salad was a little weak this day, normally it has tomatoes and cucumbers, not sure what happened.   Corn was also an option, but I’m not a big fan of corn.


Day Two

Entree choices:  Cheese/Pepperoni Pizza or Chicken Nuggets

Another chicken day for me, I went with the nuggets vs the pizza.  I’m not a huge pizza eater; I have to be in the mood for it.  I dipped my nuggets in hot sauce.  I usually avoid the baked beans since they aren’t my favorite, but the other option was glazed carrots, so the beans won out!  I had another salad and sliced apples.  The chicken comes with a mini biscuit.  schoollunch2

Day Three

Entree choices:  Pizza Crunchers or Beefy Nachos

I mixed it up today and opted for the Beefy Nachos.  I also had a salad, which did have tomatoes and cucumbers in it this time!  I’m not a big fan of corn or pinto beans, so I opted for peaches as my fruit.  I added cheese and taco sauce to my nachos. schoollunch3


Day Four

Entree choices: Spaghetti with Meat Sauce or Chicken Pattie Sandwich

The spaghetti was my choice for today!  It comes with some buttery garlic bread, which I’m a huge fan of all things bread!  I also went with the green beans and side salad, which was loaded with tomatoes, cucumbers and broccoli.  Finally.