I’ve Been Nominated!

I’m pretty excited that I was nominated by FLRunnerBoy for a Liebster Award!  So, let’s dig right in! wpid-liebsteraward_3lilapples1) What encouraged you to start a blog?

I actually started blogging when I first started running to share my running adventures and as a way to keep track of everything that I was experiencing.  I was also blogging with friends for our running group’s blog, The Woo Hoo Crew.  I enjoy writing about the good, the bad and the ugly of running from a recreational runner’s side of view.

2) What is your favorite part about blogging?

I love sharing a little bit about myself through my blog and learning much more from other bloggers.  The connections that I’ve made by following other runners is encouraging and inspiring!

3) What is the meaning behind your blog name?

I chose my name after really thinking about it for a really long time.  I am obviously a runner girl. 🙂  I also love, love, love rock music!  I mean, the louder the better!  I had to find a way to encompass them both.  Once I started writing more, I realized that rocking also applies to my life too.  My life is rocking! 🙂

4) What is one thing you miss from your childhood?

I would love to relive my junior high school years.  Most people never want to return to one of the most awkward times of their lives, but I loved that time.  It probably shaped a lot of why I love teaching Middle School.  I found my love of running back then when I signed up to run track.  I had really amazing friendships at that time and somehow lived in just enough of a bubble, that I came out loving that time.

5) Do you prefer coffee or tea?

Coffee…with lots of flavored creamer.  My husband laughs that I might need a bit more coffee with my creamer.  I don’t care!  I also love iced caramel coffees and I look forward to Fall every year just for the Salted Caramel Mocha coffee at Starbucks.  That is about the only time I go there!

6) What is something that is an important part of your morning routine?

I purposefully wake up at 5:30am every weekday morning so that I can enjoy a cup of coffee, the quiet, and to blog just a bit.  It makes my whole day start off relaxed and well!

7) What is your favorite clothing item?

Cara would probably tell you it’s my numerous tunic and legging outfits that I am attached to and she’s probably right!  I do love them.  My favorite clothing item is actually my Lenny and Eva bracelet.  I know it’s not clothing, but I never go a day without wearing it and it’s a constant reminder of what it took to get to where I am.

8) What is your favorite season?

Oh, this is a tough one… For running, Fall and Winter.  For vacations and sunshine, Spring and Summer.

9) If you could take a weekend trip somewhere, where would it be?

I have two places:  San Antonio, TX and Boulder, CO  I have never been to San Antonio, but I am strangely drawn to it.  I have big ideas of what it’s like there.  I chose Boulder because I have been there and it’s the perfect reset place for me.  I wanna smell that mountain air!

10) Must have beauty product?

My Rimmel Mascara.  I never go anywhere without wearing mascara.

So now it’s time to nominate others to take the challenge as well!

I nominate:

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Happy Week!


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Fitness Inspirations

I love this Friday Five!  Who doesn’t love giving some props to people and things that inspire you??  So here are my biggest inspirations!


From the moment I decided I wanted to start running, my family wasn’t just my biggest supporter, but also my biggest inspiration.  I loved nothing more than that they push me to be the best I can be, believe in me completely and win or lose, they are by my side.  Nick and Hayden have spent many a Saturday morning loitering finish lines waiting for me to cross them.  They are the ones I draw inspiration from when I hit some tough spots in races.  2014-07-25 11.47.51-1


How can a group of 15-20 runners not be an inspiration!?  From their stories to why they started running, to their drive and determination while training for races, the support we give each other and the joy of having a partner in crime for every weekend run!  I am truly honored and blessed to have such an amazing group of friends who love to run together and love each other.2014-06-07 07.08.28


Within in our running group, there are a few of us who have children.  We all know what it is like to have to balance home and running.  We are constantly making schedules work and grabbing runs when we can.  I know when I say something about stressing out about making it all work, we are speaking the same language!


Over the past few months, I’ve read amazing posts about races bloggers were running, training for upcoming races and strategies and tips for running.  It’s through these posts that I get excited not only for them, but also for my upcoming races.  We are bonded through the experience of training for races and we all know how each other are feeling as the time draws closer to toe that starting line.  It’s awesome!  I’ve also been inspired to find other races outside of my comfort zone and think that I can do that too!

And finally…


Adios Summer!  It’s been real, but it’s time to go!  I cannot tell you how ready I am for some fall and winter time running.  We’ve been teased by cooler temperatures on and off, but I am ready for them to stay.  I want to bundle up.  I want to be cold in the mornings.  I want to wear a hat and mittens.  I want frozen hair.  That inspires me!

Who or what inspires you? 

Check out other fabulous inspirations where I linked up! Head over to this week’s Friday Five linkup:  Mar on the Run, You Signed Up For What?, and Eat, Pray, Run DC.

Happy Week!






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Blogs to Love!

One of the great plus sides of blogging is all the bloggers you come into contact with online through linkups, comments and Facebook groups.  I find reading blogs, especially ones that have personal stories and race recaps so entertaining to read.   I often search for race recaps before signing up for new races to get an idea of what to expect.  Runner bloggers have a real honestly when it comes to the good, the bad and the ugly of running and races.  I also have stumbled upon some great blogs about food, fitness and life.  Here are five of the many blogs that I follow and read regularly!

Here are this Friday’s Five Blogs to Love:

Mommy Run Fast

I first came across Laura’s awesome blog over a year ago when I saw something posted on Facebook about a virtual race series for the Fall (run 5 or 10 miles by the 5th of each month).  Since I was in the heat of marathon training at the time, I thought it was perfect to help keep me motivated for my weekly runs.   The upside of taking part in the series was seeing my progress each month!  With each run I logged, I was noticing a huge improvement in my 5 mile time.  Since the last series ended this past Spring, I still head over to her blog each week to link up with other bloggers on Monday with my weekly fitness and meal plan.

Jill Conyers

I found Jill’s blog through Laura’s.  Jill co-hosts with Laura on Mondays.  I instantly felt connected to her blog.  She totally speaks my language and I love the combination of running, fitness, food, life and goodies that she blogs about daily.  I think that being a runner is more than just logging miles and she celebrates and brings some insight into the crazy mind of a runner.  I find calmness in a lot of her posts too and she makes me think.  I find inspiration from her blog in ways to become a better me.

Sarah ‘n Spice

I’m not sure how I came across Sarah’s blog, but I’m so glad I did!  Just one look at any of her posts, you instantly want to cook what she’s posting about.  I love the clear directions, pictures, and posted recipes (in blog post and printable versions).  I’ve bookmarked several of her recipes and finally made one of her latest recipes, Tater Tot Hot Dish.  It didn’t come out nearly as pretty as hers, but I know it was equally tasty!  It was a big hit at our house!  When I search for recipes for the week, I make my way over to Sarah’s blog for inspiration.

MCM Mama Runs

A fellow Sweat Pink and Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador, I found Erika’s blog through our daily link love posts in our ambassador group.  I was instantly drawn to her race recaps, which are honest and helpful.  I just recently stumbled upon her post about a half marathon race series and I’m already researching information about it for next year!   I find a connection to her blog also since she’s from DC and we’ve spent so many years up there visiting Nick’s grandparents, I love reading about races in and around DC, MD and VA.  I’m also pretty jealous of her upcoming Ragnar Relay Race.  I can’t wait to read about her experiences!

Taking the Long Way Home

Thankfully Wendy commented one day on a blog post and I followed my way to her blog!  We’ve communicated through comments and both of us are training for a marathon and we’ve both struggled with the same things in our last marathon.  I love the honesty of her posts.  She’s willing to just put it all out there and I find a lot of inspiration from her.  It always seems that she’s posting what I’m thinking.  I’m excited to virtually cheer her on when she takes to her next starting line in a few weeks.  I’ll be rooting for her!

Please show some blog love to these wonderfully inspiring ladies’ blogs!

And check out other great bloggess’ who are hosting this week’s Friday Five:  Mar on the Run, You Signed Up For What?, and Eat, Pray, Run DC.   All their blogs are entertaining and great reads!

Happy Week!






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