Friday Five: Fitness Finds

We made it!! Friday is here!  I don’t know about you all but this has been a long week.  It started off really well, but then kind of dragged on just past Wednesday.

For this Friday Five, I’m posting five fitness and running-related pictures, links or other goodies that caught my eye this week.

1. Sometimes a Facebook ad is actually helpful.  Facebook directed me to a current Groupon deal for PRO Compression Calf Sleeves for under $20.  I have just recently started wearing them post-run and I’m noticing a huge difference in my recovery between my long runs.  I love the support that they offer and they feel like a little hug on my calves. I’m not partial to a brand, just partial to a deal! 🙂   I’ll let you know how I like them once they arrive. calf sleeves

2. My sweet friend, Kristen is running for two these days.  She’s having a baby in May and she shared her thoughts on staying active and running during pregnancy in a recent post on Eddie Wooten’s Running Shorts blog.  Isn’t she the cutest?! She’s the sweetest person I know and she’s going to be an amazing mom.  KBowles

3. As Declare It Day nears this weekend, this was such an important reminder that the biggest step is to take the first one.  The rest is easy. IMG_3647

 Image from Fellow Flowers Facebook Page

4. Did you see the Super Bowl ad, #Likeagirl?  This pic came across my Instagram feed and I loved it!!   I thought it captured #likeagirl perfectly. IMG_3649

Image from Running With Scissors

5. Mommy, Run Fast’s 5 by the 5th Virtual Race Series is back!!  This month kicked off the first month of the challenge and I ran 5 miles (part of my Sunday 14 miler).  It’s not too late to join!  Runners have the choice of running 5 miles, a 5K or a combo of both distances within the first 5 days of the month.  And if that wasn’t incentive enough, there are also monthly prizes for runners who post their “race results”.  It’s great accountability and motivation through the winter months. 5bythe5th-race-bib

Image from Mommy, Run Fast

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Happy Week!

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Spring Break! Grab the Chipotle Aioli!

This week has been my Spring Break, a much deserved reprieve from school.  My shoulders have returned to their proper position, instead of hanging out somewhere near my ears.  My sleep patterns are topsy turvy, staying up too late and waking up still too early.  I have savored long out-to-lunch lunches vs plastic box lunches (aka as microwave meals) since I have had longer than 20 minutes to scarf down some food.  I’ve had time to eat my breakfast and enjoy a second (or third) cup of coffee. Most importantly, time spent with H and my family has been so nice.

H and I went to visit my sister, brother in law and their newish baby S for a few days.  My mom was already there, so we joined her for the middle part of this week.  H and I drove down mid-day Tuesday, just in time for my sister to get off of work.  I was so happy to get in some baby lovin’.  I hadn’t seen my beautiful niece in a few months and it was so wonderful to see her.

On Wednesday, my sis had to go back to work, so my mom, H and I got to babysit. 🙂  I2013-04-03 14.51.13 needed to get a run in as well, so I headed out early so that we could go to lunch at the Bass Lake Draft House.  The fam tried it out the past weekend and my mom suggested it, knowing that the place was right up my ally.  It was so good that we ended up eating there one more time before we left yesterday.  I ended up trying two sandwiches, El Diablo and the Steak and Cucumber pita. I’m pretty much addicted to their chipotle aioli. The food was fantastic and the cold beer post run was well deserved!  Mmmm….chipotle aioli…oh wait…where was I?

Every time I visit my sister,  I pass the turn for the American Tobacco Trail on the way to her house.  I have friends who have run the Tobacco Road Marathon and Half or have traveled there for a Saturday long run.  They all rave about how nice it is and that’s a great place to run.  I was going to finally have the opportunity to check it out.  So excited!  In addition to running the ATT, it was also the start of April which meant another 5 by the 5th virtual run!

I laced up, drove the 20 minutes to the trail, and headed out once I got my bearings of where I was going.  Since I had to run 5 miles, I was just going to do an out and back along the course.  The trail isn’t really a woodsy “trail”, which I knew, but more of a pea gravel trail so I was happy to be running on a softer surface, just to mix it up.  ATT is very flat too; I had a slight uphill grade going out.  I had an awesome run!  The weather was perfect and the trail provided a lot of scenery and the miles flew by!  I ended up running the fastest 5 miler so far during this virtual run series, beating my February 5 miler by :30!  April 5 by the 5th

It was a great visit to my sister’s!  We enjoyed our time with them, relaxing, hanging with baby S and the rest of the family.  I look forward to more trips especially during the summer, when H and I can head down for a few days here and there.  I also would love to plan for our running group to head to the ATT for a summer Saturday long run.  It would be a great way to mix up our summer running and maybe we can sneak in a visit to Bass Lake, I’ll definitely need another chipotle fix.