Rocking Tuesday Tunes

One of my favorite parts of each morning is picking out the song or artist of the day.  I usually find just the perfect song that fits my given mood.  Sometimes I opt for something kind of mellow; other days I want something a little bit louder and more rowdy.  As soon as I drop off H, I scroll through my music list and find just the right tune.

This Tuesday’s Tune comes from Adelita’s Way, The Collapse.  I had actually forgotten all about this song, but I was looking for something that I hadn’t heard in awhile.  I’ve successfully worn out Staind, Mumford and Sons, Christina Perri, Shinedown and Thirty Seconds to Mars.

I played the song the first time just to listen to it and then I replayed it to actually listen to the lyrics.  I’m a lyric junkie and I try to find meaning all the time in song lyrics.  I draw strength and meaning from them often.

I realized after the second time through that the lyrics can apply to life and fighting your way through a tough situation or dealing with difficulties, it also could be about running a marathon.  Were they writing about the last few miles of a marathon?!  Maybe so.

Here’s some brief snippets of the lyrics that just struck a chord (ha!) with me and how it really takes all you have to fight through a marathon:

You feel the pressure as I’m pulling you in
You’re crumbling under the weight of the game
Before you let it all just go to your head.

Get laid out or I’m gonna lay you out
Stay down or I’m gonna keep you down
I want it to break, I want it to burn
I wanna bury you until it hurts.

After listening to it again on the way home, I realized too, it could all be about summertime running in the heat and humidity.  There have been plenty of runs lately where I felt laid out.  Either way, I’ve added this song to my iPod so the next time I’m having a tough time during a run, I can draw some inspiration and keep on fighting through it.


Happy listening!