Favorite Running Bras

Sorry, guys!  This post is just for the ladies.  Unless you all have any interest in wearing the man bra, then you probably don’t want to go any farther than this.

So for most of us runner girls, we have go to bras that we wear.  Some of us need a lot of coverage and support, and some of us (me!) need minimal amount.  Regardless of what size and support you need, it’s important to wear a bra that does have some support.  The purpose of a good sports bra is to keep the jiggling and bouncing to a minimum.  I even find that during certain times of the month, the type of support I need varies. tumblr_mxi6giydlH1skbwk4o1_500

Since I’m in the medium support club, I can only speak to the ones I like to wear.  I’m fortunate that I can wear the basic C9 bras that they have at Target.  I love the ones with the adjustable straps and are racer back.  They are super comfortable, wick well and do the job of supporting me.   I actually buy them in a size smaller than I would just so they are a little snug.

I recently upgraded to their newest style which has modesty pads or as I like to call them “chicken cutlets”.  I like the little bit of padding these give me and I love that I’m fully covered in some of my sheer tanks.  These bras also have thicker straps, but are still adjustable and racer back.  Unfortunately, they just changed them again and the newer version seems to be a little bit too restricting.  They changed the material and it’s not as stretchy, more compression even. friday3miler

Some things to consider when buying a sports bra:

  • Sports bras should fit a little bit tighter than your regular bra.  This will help to control jiggling and bouncing.  You want to stay put in your bra.  Unfortunately that will sometimes lead to the dreaded uni-boob.
  • Look for material that wicks and pulls moisture away from your skin. Check the band along your rib cage to make sure it is soft.  Look at the seams along the armpits and the straps.  Any rough spots when you try it on will lead to chafing later.
  • One way to check to see if your bra is the right fit, try jogging in place.  See if there is any movement.  Try lifting your hands over your head too.  If it pulls up at all, you may need to make a change in size or adjust the straps for a better fit.
  • Check the cups and make sure that there isn’t any gaps or extra space.  Adjust size if needed.
  •  If you wear a heart rate monitor, you may want to bring it with you to see how it fits under the bra when you try it on.  I personally prefer a bra with a wider band so that it keeps my HR monitor in place better.

The thing I’m probably guilty of is holding on to a bra too long.  The average lifespan of a sports bra is about 6-12 months.  I know for a fact I’m wearing some that are older than that.  I try to buy a few new ones every few months.  If my older bras are in pretty good shape, I still keep them and use them as my “dry” bra when I bring a change of clothes after I run.

Also, don’t dry your sports bras (or any running clothes really).  I hang mine up to dry which helps keep them in better condition.  You’d think drying it would tighten it back up but all you are doing is ruining the fibers and making them break down quicker.

What is your favorite running bra?  What do you like most about it?

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20 thoughts on “Favorite Running Bras

  1. Um, my running bras are like 2 yrs old. I know I really need some new ones, but thankfully I am also small on top so I feel as though I can get away with it (even if I really can’t).

    I like Champion, but not the ones at Target, the ones from their Website. And yes, I’m planning to buy some . . .

  2. I am on the never-ending quest to find the perfect sports bra! My ladies just got enhanced…. If you know what I mean, LOL – and they’re looking for some hugging and curve accentuating material to wrap themselves up in!

  3. I have a Shock Absorber where it zips at the front. It was the l only one I could find that did my cup size (34dd) at a reasonable price. I also love the fact I don’t have to struggle loads getting it off and on! I’m definitely guilty of wearing past their renewal date! I’ve been hunting for one with a bit more support against the bounce. This Shock Absorber is good but for running I think I may need something stronger!

  4. I have a hate-hate relationship with sports bras. I have not been able to find one that doesn’t chafe and keeps the girls in their place (I’m a 36D). The best I’ve found are the Moving Comfort Juno and the Moving Comfort Maya. They still chafe- just not as bad as other bras. I’m also totally guilt of keeping bras longer than their shelf life – I’ve never heard that you should replace them every 6-12 months. Time to get some new bras!

  5. I have bras ranging from a few years old to brand new. I throw them out when I realize I’m bouncing a bit more than I should. I have so many that each one does not get worn that often (and like you, I have a selection that I keep for less bounce activities like weight lifting and ones that I like because they look good under some of my tanks…)

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