Weekly Fitness and Meal Plan

Heading into week 8 of 7 Bridges Marathon training and that can only mean one thing!  We are over the halfway hump.  Just a few more weeks of adding miles and then we’ll hit taper town in just 4 weeks.


Monday – It’s the first day of school so I’m planning at least a mile, but may end up doing 3 recovery miles if I have time.  I tweaked my back this weekend so that is also in play too.

Tuesday – I’m meeting Cara to get in 4 miles together sometime after school.

Wednesday – Christine and I will head to Hamilton Lakes to run 4 miles on the trails there.

Thursday – I’ll get in 2 miles solo before heading out to meet my training group for an additional 2+ miles.

Friday – one mile day and Christine and I are headed to see Breaking Benjamin in Winston.  I am so excited to see them again!!

Saturday – Long run part one  Christine and I will have 11 miles to run.  Not too sure how that’s going to go after a late night, but we’ll get in the miles some way.

Sunday – Long run part two and we’re actually splitting it up too.  We’ll run 6 miles in the morning and meet in the afternoon for the Growler Gallop 10K.  It’s the last race we’re running of the Race the Bar Series.  I’ll also hit my 1,000th mile of the year on this run!  I can’t believe it!

Total miles: 37 or 40 (depending on Monday’s run)


Hello Fresh is not disappointing this week and we have some delicious meals headed our way.  We still have the Tex Mex Risotto leftover from this week’s delivery and we’re adding Parmesan Crusted Chicken, Spicy Tuna Tar-Tacos, and Smoky Black Bean and Plantain Tacos.

What’s on your fitness plan?  How has your training been going?  Any yummy meals planned?

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Go be awesome! 🙂


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13 thoughts on “Weekly Fitness and Meal Plan

  1. Over the half way mark-amazing!!

    My kiddies start school next week but I am going to use this week to get back to regular schedule programming! Lol!

    Plantain tacos-tell me more about that! You had me at plantain!

    Have a great week!

  2. Oh man, it sounds like our races are the same weekend, and reading that there are really only 4 weeks of training (until taper) left has me a little freaked out! Where did the time go?
    It looks like you have a great training week ahead. And the food from Hello Fresh sounds delicious!

  3. Enjoy your week!! Hope school is going well. I’m already feeling behind in the blog world and today was just our first in service! Whew. I need Hello Fresh in my life. I think I say that every single week but your food sounds soooo delish!

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