Running Role Models

Every day, every where there are a women and men showing up and running their runs.  In the heat, in the cold, with busy schedules…there isn’t an obstacle that is standing in their way to do the very thing that makes us happy.  Nothing that keeps us from the thing that is so a part of us, running.

This Tuesday on the Run is all about honoring our running role models!  I’m a super lucky girl to be surrounded by a huge group of runners.  I can’t just pick one or two of my friends who are my role models, I just couldn’t pick! Every one I run with has a different reason for being out there and a different way that they are special to me. role models

For all those new momma runners, I couldn’t even imagine the thought of trying to add in running with a new baby.  Keep in mind, I wasn’t even running yet when Hayden was born.  I didn’t find it again until she was 6.   I admire the fact that your love and care for your baby but included the love and care for yourself.  You’ve embraced becoming a new mom and your running has become finding you again.  Enjoy both journeys, the motherhood one and your new running momma one.  They are both special.

For all the momma runners, there is a bond that we share.  It’s true.  I understand you and you understand me.  You get that we juggle everything and that every time we step out the door, we have to overcome the guilt of leaving our mom job to do our running job.  We find ways to get in quick runs around family schedules, we try our best not to disrupt life too much, but we also know that part of being a great mom is taking care of ourselves too.   We toe the line all the time but because our families realize how important this is to us, we feel just a bit better about it.

For all the beginning runners, this is hard.  Those of us who have been running for a while, forget what it’s like sometimes to start running.  There is no ease, there is no runner’s high, there is only thoughts of wanting to stop, how long until I can walk or stop, why is there a hill?!, I’m so slow, etc.   There is no joy when you first start running.  What I admire is that you do it anyways.  That you still lace up, head out and run because the prospect of what running can be and what running can do is far greater than the need to stop.  Your heart beats out your head every time.

To all of us mid-pack and back of the pack runners, we can sometimes feel like the forgotten children of running.  There is always that one race that by the time we finish, everything is gone…no food, no water, no cheering crowd at the end, and the post race party is all but done.  But, we don’t do this for those things (ok, maybe the post race beer…). We do this to prove that we can do it for ourselves.  We’re doing this because it’s part of us.  No matter what the time on that clock says, it doesn’t define us.  That number doesn’t tell you how much heart, dedication and love we have for running.

To my own running family, all of you, your support and dedication to running is amazing.  I love that we always have someone in our group to run with if and showing up on Saturdays and Sundays to run, we are all out there together in our smaller groups clicking off miles.  I love that we love each other.  We want to see everyone do their best and have their best runs or races.  I want to be a better runner and friend because you’ve shown me how to be a better runner and friend.  It’s through the strength of our whole group that makes us all strong.

and finally,

To Cara and Christine, my sisters in running.  I loved running before, but I really love running now.  You both bring so much to my life, outside and inside of running, that I’m forever grateful.  I love that you both show up every day.

With in her mix matched running clothes (although this summer, she somehow started matching?!), her YEM socks in the winter, and her stinky camo visor (may it rest in peace now),  Cara makes me find joy in running.  Your ability to just be in the moment when running makes me want to do the same.  You don’t take this all too seriously and I’ve learned a great deal from you.  I’ve chilled out in running and life (a bit) and I’m happier for it.

Christine is the yin to Cara’s yang for me.

Christine is a quiet thinker.   While Cara and I are usually off the chain, Christine keeps us grounded and realistic with where we are and what we’re doing.  If I’m struggling with a run, I want Christine next to me.  She’s not going to get worked up about it, she’ll keep us moving, and we’ll finish.  She’s the powerhouse in our little group.   Christine is unstoppable.  She’s taught be how to brush myself off and stand stronger for it.  I’ve learned to be stronger from her.  thesegirls

Who is your running role model?  Is it someone close to you?  What makes him/her your role model?

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28 thoughts on “Running Role Models

  1. Loved this! Have you read Running like a Girl? She has a chapter where she honours all the badass female runners who were out there breaking down boundaries back in the day when people genuinely thought your uterus would tear if you ran. It’s such an interesting read!

  2. I see why you had a hard time choosing. I love your list and completely agree about those mama runners & new runners. The hardest part of the run is getting your shoes on and getting out the door. Having friends for support makes such a difference!

  3. What a great post and a great tribute to your role models!! My running role models are all of the runners who show up. Like you said, men and women with busy lives that still dedicate their time to our beloved sport!

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