Weekly Fitness and Meal Plan

It’s Sunday and for this Sunday that means too things: planning out my week and school tomorrow!! Eeek!! Last day of summer vacation!


Week 7 of Marathon Training

Monday – I’ll most likely go back to making Mondays one mile days due to time. I’m hoping to leave school in time to make it to BodyPump in the afternoon.

Tuesday – 4 miles

Wednesday – 4 miles

Thursday – Today will be tricky. I have my open house, Hayden’s Open House and coaching. I’m not sure how I’ll juggle all that but it’ll sort itself out. Going for at least a mile to keep my streak up!

Friday – one mile (maybe more if needed)

Saturday – 10 miles

Sunday – 11 miles. Hitting double digits now for both days on the weekend.

Total miles: 32 but probably 35-36

Meal Planning

We picked some yummy dishes this week!!

  • Lemony Shrimp Linguine
  • Tex Mex Risotto
  • Seared Steak with a chipotle sauce

Thursday will probably be take out since we have a full schedule. I may grab salads from Panera on my way home. Try to keep it healthy and fresh.

What’s on your fitness plan?  How has your training been going?  Any yummy meals planned?

Check out other bloggers’ Fitness and Meal Plans every Sunday at Mommy Run Fast and Fitness, Health and Happiness.

Go be awesome! 🙂


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19 thoughts on “Weekly Fitness and Meal Plan

  1. Looks like another good week of training for you! My training has been great until this morning…I was in a battle with Mother Nature and she won. The heat and humidity hurt me. I didn’t pace myself well. Ugh. I had to quit on my run. It’s been a long time since that’s happened!

    Upward and onward, right?

  2. Back to back long runs. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you but be careful. My training is going through an adjustment period. I’m back at work with a different schedule so I’m slowly becoming a PM workout person. It’s just not the same as AM. Still. I’m getting it done!

    • This my second time using this training plan. I used it earlier this year for Gasparilla and my marathon. I feel so much better doing back to back long runs vs 20 milers. Thanks for the warning though.

      I’m also going back to running all weekday runs in the evenings. I’ll
      miss my occasional morning run.

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