Tips for Starting A Run Streak

Back when I started my run streak, I joined in with a run every day in May Challenge which I then combined with a Runners’ World Run Streak challenge where we had to run at least a mile from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  I was already running 4 days a week, so jumping up to 7 days a week didn’t seem unreasonable.  And at the time, I thought it was only until Labor Day or so I thought…


I’ve had several people as me how I maintain my run streak so well.  Reflecting now on it, I realize that for me there are a few things that go into maintaining it smartly.  It really more than just running every day. If you are thinking about starting a run streak (or in the middle of one and need some suggestions on how to keep going), here are some tips!  In actuality, these could apply to any of us at any point of our running…

**I am just giving information based on my experience.  I’m not for or against starting a run streak.  It’s a personal decision for each person, just like every goal.  Run streaking is not for everyone.

Use one mile days as “rest” days Most people think that you have to run a bunch of miles daily to feel like a true run streaker.  That’s not the case at all.  In order to maintain an “official” run streak, you must run at least one mile daily.  You can break it up into smaller pieces, but by the end of a day, you have to have one mile logged.  I use my mile days as “rest” days and run them a lot slower than I run anything the rest of the week.  There are variations of streaks:  Move a mile every day (running or walking)

Listen to your bodyAlways pay attention to how you are feeling.  There are different ways you can adjust your schedule for run streaking.  When I first started, I would run my mile days at a really quick speed thinking it’s just a mile.  I learned quickly that my body was not having it.  As soon as I slowed down, I felt a lot better.  Since the goal is just to run at least a mile every day, add in more mile rest days if you are feeling tired.  Just make sure that you are running them slowly so they become a recovery run.  I’m also careful to notice any pain or weird feelings.  I’ve been fortunate to not have any thing in the 2+ years I’ve been streaking, but I’ve always said my run streak will not take me out of running.  I’d forgo the streak to stay running and injury free.  Be prepared to make that decision.

Be creativeSneaking in a one mile run can be tricky when work, vacation and life get in the way!  Look for ways to fit in a mile either in it’s entirety or by breaking it up.  Fridays for me are the toughest.  When I first started, I was leaving my mile until post work and I was having the hardest time getting them in.  If we went out to dinner or I met other teachers for happy hour, I ran a bunch of miles way too late.  I learned to run them in the mornings, around my house in my pjs.  It works and I’ve been doing it for a while.  If you need other suggestions on ways to be creative, check out a post I wrote a while back.

Set small goalsWhen I first started, my goal was to run until the end of May, 31 days.  Then I added in the Runner’s World Challenge, so my goal became to run until Labor Day, it was  around 125 days total.  I didn’t want to set a huge day goal because I thought I’d be setting myself up for failure or injury.  I also thought that by setting too high of a goal, I’d be more likely to run through aches and pains to meet that goal.  I did not want to do that!  I’m currently at day 836 and my goal is just to keep it going day by day.  A goal to get to 1,000 days would be awesome, but I have to…

Be realistic1,000 days is closing in on 3 years.  That’s a long time!   Just like anything in life, I don’t where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing by next May?!  I have an idea, but to say that I’ll still be run streaking, so much can happen.  I just don’t know.  I have to keep it real and be okay with something that might end my streak.  You can’t get hung up on hanging on to something when all the signs are telling you otherwise.  I always think I’ll know when it’s time to end my streak.  It will speak loudly to me!

Are you a run streaker?  Have you ever been a run streaker or thinking of starting one? 

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11 thoughts on “Tips for Starting A Run Streak

  1. I have to admit that I don’t get the run streak. Especially for us older runners. Rest & recovery is so important & you need more rest the older you get. Yet I have a runner friend just a few years younger than me who streaks.

    Interesting tips!

  2. Great tips Melanie. I’ve often thought of doing a streak but that’s as far as I’ve gotten with it. I love the idea so I’m not sure what is stopping me.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

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