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Today reality hit me.  I’m on the final few days of summer vacation and instead of living it up, I’ve been doing anything but that.  It’s been time spent getting things in order, finalizing plans and getting myself organized for what’s about to hit me come Monday morning.  It’s tough to switch gears and I’m trying to take it all in stride but I feel the swell of stress slowly finding its way to my throat and my shoulders are hedging up towards my ears.  School is starting and I’m trying to fit so many things into a few days. I’m excited about this school year.  We had some staff turnover so it will be nice to meet new folks and it always takes some time for a newer staff to gel a bit.  I’m lucky to be part of a group of teachers who are helping to do some of our staff training.  We created a fun little game for Monday for the teachers to take part in as a way to build relationships, allow new folks to learn about our school and for us as a staff to have fun.  It’s so important to make a good first impression and I hope that this will do the trick and set a positive tone for the school year.  In addition to all of that, there’s setting up my classroom, Open House, teacher meetings, etc.  It’s a packed week!

So what still has to be done at home before school starts for us?

We still haven’t hit school supply shopping yet.  I’m so reluctant to follow the school supply list we got with her report card.  It seems like we buy a bunch of stuff, she goes the first day and the teachers want more or different stuff?!  It’s frustrating and we end up buying more than we need.  Anyone else have that same problem!?  So we may just get the basics and see what else we might need once the first few days are over.

We luckily finished  school clothes shopping and shoes earlier.  She didn’t need much, thankfully, just a few more longer length shorts.  She’s gotten taller so some of her other shorts aren’t “finger tip” length any longer.  She of course thinks they are fine.  The mom in me tells her just to yank them down a bit, but the teacher in me tells her she better not get have to call home for a change in shorts.  Imagine the life a child with a teacher mom?!  Poor thing! She doesn’t catch a break ever.  Hayden is also getting braces on Monday.  She’s super excited but I keep thinking about what if they hurt her mouth.  She had some headaches and mouth pain with the spacers we got this week.   She has some time to adjust to them before she starts back.  I’m hoping that’s enough.  We also still need haircuts, she needs to get another immunization and we have to figure out lunches now that she’s full time vegetarian.  We got buy with school food options last year when she switched, but I feel like she needs more than what she was getting nutritionally.

Don’t even get me started on where we are with our summer reading!  Breathe!

So that’s where I’m at…

A bit overwhelmed, a bit stressed, and feeling a bit sad too…Summer vacation is really over.

It’s been a good Summer though. One of our bests!  Hayden and I had a wonderful time being together.  I’m sad to see it end.  Not every day does a preteen want to hang out with her mom, but she did.  We had lunch dates, spent time at the pool, vacationed, painted, crafted, shopped, laughed, cooked, and talked.  It will be one of the summers that I’ll reflect on when summers become more about friends and less about mom.  So while other moms might be counting down the days until school starts, not me.  I like our mother-daughter summers off together.  🙂  meandH2

So how are you feeling with the end of summer vacation coming quickly?  Have your kiddos already started school?  What was your favorite part of this summer?

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Go be awesome! 🙂


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7 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. Yeah teachers!! I left the field 2 years ago and don’t miss that end of the summer feeling at all!! I do miss the start of a new school year, new staff, new students thought.

    How awesome for you and your daughter ;).

    We haven’t done much as a family this summer, planning a day trip to a state park this Sunday. I have got to do better at the family trip planning. Now the girlfriends trip-already in planning mode for next year- #badwife #badmom.

    Have a start to your school year!

  2. I feel like I can only complain to fellow teachers about this…BUT I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK! I’m not ready!!! I need more time!!!! I go back on the 24th. I feel like I remember you saying you go back next week though. Ughhh. One thing I’m happy with is I saw my rosters and I know none of my kids. I prefer that. It’s like a fresh start every single year! Good luck and even though you have a lot going on, make sure you take time to enjoy the last few days!!

    • I feel the same way!! No one but teachers understand that feeling. And we sound like such whiners to people who work all year. lol Good for you. My 6th graders will be my only new to me students. My 7-8th graders will be kiddos I’ve had before. It’s a blessing and a curse. They only remember the end of the year me, not the beginning of the year. They all wonder what happened when I’m being firm and a stickler for routine. lol Have a great weekend!!

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