Saturday Morning Motivation

Happy Saturday!!  I got my long runs done this week on Wednesday and Thursday but they weren’t without some suffering and struggle.  Wednesday’s workout was the worst I’d had in a long time.  Who wants to do a long run at 6:30pm in 90+ degree weather, full sun and humidity?!  Not this girl.  But we sometimes gotta do what we gotta do.  Thankfully, there were about 40 others out there suffering too and the promise of frozen yogurt and a cold, wet towel were enough to keep us all moving.  It’s the little things.

For this Saturday’s motivation, it’s short and sweet.  I thought it was perfect considering how I’ve been feeling running in all this summer heat.  When is fall again!?

Even through all those really tough runs, the struggle is teaching us something!  We are tougher than we thought  We kept going when our minds and bodies were yelling to stop, but our hearts were the only thing keeping us moving.  The work we do today will help us on that first cold day when running seems effortless.  It’s the struggle that makes us better.  If it was all easy all the time, where would the celebrations be?  Celebrate the struggle.  Love it. 

Go be awesome! 🙂


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