A Day in the Life of Summertime Me

Happy Friday, y’all!! We are on a little vacay for the weekend with friends. It’s our last trip until school starts.

This Friday Five is all about a day in the life of me. By being home for summer break, this is not a normal look at what our life looks like most of the year. So I’m calling this a look at my summertime life.ย summertimeme

I still maintain a normal waking up schedule. I don’t want to be in for a rude awakening once we’re back at it. I wake up daily at 6-6:30am. Gotta love that body clock! I feed our sweet kitty cat girl and grab a cup of coffee. I wrap myself up in a blanket and spend the time blogging, catching up on TV shows I dvr’ed or just sit in the quiet. It’s my favorite time of the day!

This summer I’ve been lucky to run some in the mornings. It has helped tremendously with any schedule conflicts. Just this week, I was able to move my long runs to the middle of the week. I’m happy Cara is home too so we ran together early. Once school starts back, weekends become all about running.

Summertime is also about home improvement and cleaning. We already spent time working on the kitchen. Hayden and I spent a few hours tackling the pantry. I wish I had a before. It was a mess!! Here is our after pic!

Summer has also given us time to spend it with friends and family. On any given day, we’ve spent some afternoons at the pool. We have been on a few vacations and were able to head to some concerts too!! We’ve had a lot of fun!!

Lastly, a day in the life of me at home during the summer we’ve set up a cooking routine. It was one of my goals this year to cook more and actually like it. Guess what?! I do!! Thanks to Hello Fresh we are eating better and cooking every week. I’m excited that we’ve established this routine as we head back to school soon.

What is your favorite part of your day in the life? Is your summertime life different than any other time of the year?ย 

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20 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Summertime Me

  1. I’m with you – mornings are my favorite time. Too bad my husband is more of a night person! I think I’ve worn him down a little bit over the years, though.

    Nope, summer is pretty much like the rest of the year. Except with nicer weather I sit out in the backyard while the dogs sun themselves several times a day. Only these days I’m often pacing the backyard because my vivoactive says I’ve been sitting too long & the dogs are kind of confused.

  2. First of all, love the coffee mug. Second, whatever the meal with the shrimp is looks delicious. Lastly, I’m curious what sort of organization method you used for your pantry. I need to reorganize mine and need tips.

    • Thank you!! Everyone needs a little Jack in their lives. ๐Ÿ™‚ The meal was shrimp and chorizo paella and ut was so good!!

      My daughter was the one to put everything back in the pantry. She grouped things by veggies, soups, pasta and rice, snacks and breakfast stuff. We had some of the bins already and she used them to put our protein bars in. She did an awesome job!!

  3. My summertime days are a little different- for one I almost always get my run in in the morning rather than afternoon due to heat. Plus, I spend more time at the pool. Your pantry is super organized and looks nice- I need to tackle some projects like that.

  4. oh that dish looks amazing!!! my summertime routine has been much more relaxed since I started working from home but once school is over it’ll change I’m sure! have a great weekend.

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