Friday Five: Summer Drinks

It’s Friday!!  It’s Friday!!  Oh my!!  It’s Friday!  (kind of sing that just a little bit)

I’m super excited about today’s Friday Five.  It’s all about our favorite summertime drinks.  With temps up high, who doesn’t love some cold refreshing beverages.  Some of them taste great after a run; others are my go to beverages when we hang out at the beach or pool.  favorite summer drinks#1 Iced Caramel Macchiato

I’m a sucker for iced coffee already, but with the added sweetness of the caramel, it’s that much better.  I’ve treated myself to one of these after a few morning runs already this summer.  It just tastes amazing after a hot, steamy run!icedcoffee

#2 Petey’s Bing Cherry Sodas

I found these sodas at the grocery store and I’m hooked.  I love cherry flavored anything so these are a win! They come in 3 different flavors, but the blackberry cherry is my favorite.  I have started drinking these more in order to try and stop drinking diet drinks all together.  They only have 40 calories so I feel the trade would be a win.

This just in!  They have just announced a new flavor: Bing Crisp!  It combines apples with cherries and only 30 calories. Score! #3 Fruit Infused Brews

I am usually an IPA girl, but I’ve broken from my usual beer now and then for all the tasty fruit infused brews.  My absolute favorite which surprises me is Illusive Traveler, a grapefruit shandy.  I don’t usually like grapefruit very much, but this beer is so refreshing and light that it makes it the perfect beer for the beach and pool.  I also like Curious Traveler, a lemon shandy and Big Squeeze UFO from Harpoon.  I treated myself to my other favorite the other day after mowing the lawn, Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’.  It was THE perfect beverage!  It’s not a fruity beer, but it’s a tasty hoppy wheat beer, which is a lot lighter to drink in the summer. It’s silky like all the fruit ones too. #4 Half and Half Tea

I’m not usually a iced tea drinker, but lately, a glass of really super cold iced tea hits the spot after a run.  Here in NC, we have sweet tea, but I like to mix my tea about 90-10 (90 percent unsweet, 10 percent sweet).  It’s just the right mix of sweetness for me.

#5 Good ol’ fashioned iced water

Nothing beats a glass of iced cold water.  There’s nothing quite like it.  Everything else tastes great, but water just quenches your thirst.  I go through bottles of Essentia more now in the summer than I do in the winter time.  I feel like it’s the one thing that I can do daily to be sure that I’m not only hydrating for my runs well, but then I’m also drinking it post run to make sure I’m putting everything back in. essentiapic

What are your favorite summer drinks?

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17 thoughts on “Friday Five: Summer Drinks

  1. That soda sounds amazing – I LOVE soda but I try to stay away from it, but 40 calories and NOT diet? Sign me up! I’ve been all about the coffee, coconut water, and smoothies. Something I’m sucking at is drinking water. I don’t know why. I like water. I drink so much of it. It’s like I’ve just been forgetting!

  2. My hubby loves a grapefruit beer that he found in Germany in Epcot- his summer favorite I think! I love cold green tea and water by day and then a nice cold white wine blend in the evening!

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