Weekly Fitness and Meal Plan

I’m starting week 3 of 7 Bridges Marathon training. I’ve surprised myself as I’ve kicked up the miles. I’m handling them well even with all the heat and humidity and I’m actually seeing some improvement. Ready for another training week!



Monday – Body Pump and 4-5 miles. Leaving it open to see how I feel after BP.

Tuesday – 4 miles

Wednesday – 4 miles

Thursday – 4 miles

Friday – one mile rest day

Saturday – 7 miles

Saturday – 8 miles

Those weekend miles are slowly creeping up.

Total miles: 32 miles

Meal Plan

We have some good choices coming to us this week from Hello Fresh!

  • BBQ Chicken Sliders with tangy coleslaw
  • Ginger Marinated Steak Wraps
  • Shrimp Po Boys
  • Crispy Falafel Salad

I’m really excited anout the variety of meals we have going on this week. 

What’s on your fitness and meal plan this week?  Anything exciting?

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Go be awesome! 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Weekly Fitness and Meal Plan

  1. I like how you have the 7 and 8 mile runs back to back. I’ve been seeing a lot of value in trying to do two longer back to back runs. The second one always is a little tough, but I think it really gets you used to running on tired legs, which is great practice for the later miles of a marathon! The food sounds delish!

    • I did a similar plan training for my marathon in March. You are right!! I have never felt so good running a marathon before. Usually by mile 22-23, I’d fall apart. Not this one! I was still running and feeling great. Tired, of course, but not yucky. Our highest mileage at any point is 16 miles with an 11 miler the day before. For me to do 20 milers, I’m out there too long. It mimics 20-22 milers perfectly though. It’s my own version of the Hanson Plan. It’s finally a plan that works for me!

  2. Your upcoming meals sound delicious! I don’t plan my running or my meals… but I already know they are both going to be awesome. I love running in the summer, and outdoor grilling is the best!

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