Thinking Out Loud

It’s another Thursday and that means I’m thinking out loud.  Let’s just get to it! 🙂Thinking-Out-Loud

I love when a plan comes together.  It’s even better when it comes together quickly.  Within 24 hours, we formed a team of 5 runnergirls to take on the Palmetto 70 next March.  I know it seems a bit early to start planning something for March 2016, but with only 40 teams allowed, we had to jump on it.  Registration opened on the 13th and there were already 17 teams registered by yesterday.  We became the 18th.  Team Van on the Run (our friend, A Co, insists that you must sing it to the tune of Band on the Run every time).  We have an amazing team and we are going to be in for some fun and laughs as we make our way towards Charleston.

Every night, Nick, Hayden and I have been getting into some deep discussion before bed.  Something triggers a conversation and off we go.  For 12 years old, she is a thinker.  I’m surprised often by what she offers in our conversations and she’s got her own opinion and perspective.  She’s open, she respects differences and has a good sense of the world.  I already loved her for who she is becoming, but this whole other side of her that is coming to be is awesome.

Today another step towards a goal of mine comes to be!  Today is the kickoff of the Women’s Only Running School and I will be helping to coach a group of women.  The ability ranges are from walker to beginning runner.  I’m super excited to be doing this!!  I’ve wanted to work towards becoming a running coach and this is a great way to start gaining some experience.  We will meet every Thursday until the beginning of October.  All the women are training for the Women’s Only 5K.

Speaking of new beginnings, I wrote about small changes in running yesterday and it really got me thinking and looking at changes that have recently happened or are happening right now.  It’s sometimes hard to not look backward and not look and see how things used to be, but the real key to change is not to get stuck there, looking backward.  I also have to learn how to look back and be thankful that things that happen brought me to where I am now, but I tend to get hung up on hurt feelings that turn into anger instead.  I have to change that.  I’ve really honestly been that way for as long as I can remember, even as a teenager.  I hold on to the rejection and it sits there.  This whole realization came after Nick and I were talking about how we deal with things completely different.  He just lets those feelings of being hurt go, I keep them. Why do I keep them!?  Why take all that with me?  I’m pretty sure this is going to be a long run discussion with Cara and Christine.  If there is anything that we do best on a long run is to hash through some things.  If nothing else, I more aware and I need to be intentional of what “baggage” I take with me from now on.  Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so aware of things and not such a self reflective thinking person.  I mull over things all the time.  hmmm….2015-07-15 20.53.47

So what is on your mind?  What are you thinking about it? How do you deal with feelings of rejection?

See what other people are thinking about too for Thinking Out Loud Thursday hosted by Running With Spoons.

Go be awesome! 🙂


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10 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. I’m not a grudge holder, but I’m super sensitive and I tend to get hurt easily. Which doesn’t work out so well when you have a difficult 17 year old. I always thought I was tough, but turns out that I’m really not tough at all.

  2. Learning to let go is a tough one… I think that’s something that’s kind of ingrained into our personalities, so it takes a lot of conscious effort and thought direction to change. I think it’s just one of those things where you have to learn to rewire your thinking and figure out why exactly you think the way you do. Not an easy task, for sure, but probably a worthy undertaking 🙂

  3. It’s hard to let go of hurt feelings. I can let go of grudges and don’t like to be upset with people, but I often still harbor hurt feelings. I wish I knew how to let them go! It’s so hard!

  4. Letting go is super tough! Why do we hold those hurt feelings for so long? UGG, wish I knew, then when you think you are over it BAM something reminds you all over again! It is tought being a thinker….

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