The 10 Minute Kicker

Happy day!! I’m joining the Fit Fam today to throw in some suggestions for healthy things that you can do in 10 minutes. These are suggestions that not only your target your physical well being, but your mind and soul. I add in these types of things all the time.  I pick something based on my mood.  These are all simple things, minimal equipment needed, suggestions. The 10 minute kicker!


1. Stretching

I’m kind of bad about stretching post run, so I try to add in 10 minutes of stretching nightly. I actually lay in my bed and do it. It’s become part of my nightly routine. My fav? I call it Hanging Pigeon. Sit on the bed, turn sideways and hang one leg of the bed. Bend the leg that is still on the bed and lean forward. Great stretch for hips, glute, IT band and hammy!  Here’s another variation:

2. Push ups and crunches

Do 50-100 of each. Break them up into sets, do them all at once. Start at 50, work up to 100. Throw in a one minute plank at the end!

3. A circuit/HIIT/WOD

Call it what you want, but we do these all the time. My daughter and I pick 3-4 different exercises and run through them a few times. We’ve done squats, jumping jacks and pushups. Or bicep curls, high knee kicks, and bicycle crunches. Sometimes we use weights or a kettle bell; other times we don’t.

4. Yoga

Run through Sun Salutation a few times. It’s a great stretch and invigorating too.  Downward Dog is such a great stretch for runners!  Throw in a savasana as icing on the cake.

Picture from Yoganonymous

5. Pamper Yourself

Take a minute and do something for yourself.  Paint your toenails, light a candle and sit and rest, journal, anything that takes about 10 minutes but makes you feel special and brings you some “you” time.

6. Read through quotes

Sometimes something is tugging at my heart or mind. I google a single word or thought all the time and read through quotes to maybe find something that speaks to me. I use what I find almost like a daily intention.

7. Puzzling

You all know I love some puzzle books?! I try to do puzzles daily to help keep my mind working. There is science behind doing daily mind exercises.

8. Coloring

Yes, coloring!! There are a ton of coloring books geared to adults. It is super relaxing and will actually help when you need a creative boost. coloringbook

9. Dance

Put on your favorite music and have an impromptu dance party. Get everyone involved!! This happens a lot at my house. We each pick a song or two and dance away!! We laugh, we do crazy moves and we have fun!! It’s a good workout too! How else will Hayden ever learn about the lawnmower and the sprinkler?? 😉

10. Just walk

A 10 minute walk can do wonders for your mind! Not only do you get in some extra steps, it helps to rejuvenate too! A short walk on a crisp fall day is so good for the soul!

Any quick workouts (physical or mental) that you would suggest? What’s your favorite quick workout? 

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Go be awesome! 🙂


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13 thoughts on “The 10 Minute Kicker

  1. I am so bad about stretching, but working (slowly but surely) on incorporating that into my everyday habits! Yoga’s another one that I want to add into my life [consistently]! :]

  2. I need to remember that all you need is 10 minutes for stretching and yoga…sometimes, my mat stares at me from the floor of my living room and I don’t want to get on it…but 10 minutes is so doable!

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