Friday Five: Do What?!

Happy Friday!!  Hope everyone has had an awesome week and have a great weekend on tap!  It’s time for a Friday Five and this week’s topic is all about fitness trends that I’d never try.  Between Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram, I am bombarded daily with fitness ideas and trends.  Some of them I think are cool and I would maybe try it if I learned more about it; others leaving me saying “do what?!”.fridayfivedowhat
Trend #1

I’m not sure if it’s a “fitness” trend, but it’s a trend that is blowing up my Instagram…wraps.  Tummy wraps of all kinds.  I see all of these side by side pictures talking about lost inches, less stretch marks, etc.  I’ve never known anyone to try them so I have no personal knowledge about them.  There is just something about them that screams if it is too good to be true, then it probably is.  I’ll stick with my running, Spanx and sucking in my gut.

Trend #2

Prancercise.  Not necessarily a trend as much as a movement that makes me shrug my shoulders and say “do what?” A cross between running, prancing, and dancing.  Cara and I had our own personal encounter with a pranceriser when she about took us out at the Richmond Marathon.  Cara almost took a hand to the face by the woman.  Who can dodge a prancersiser at mile 22?!Trend #3

It’s only a matter of time before this hits the US.  It’s called Seen on Screen and it’s happening in London.  The whole idea of the classes are using the dance moves from famous videos and you shake it like a superstar for fitness.  They showcase Beyonce, Britney Spears and other dancing divas’ videos and moves.  I love the idea behind this. What a fun idea for a girls fitness night out! The thing that is holding me back from actually doing it, I can’t dance well and I stink at following choreography.  I’m more of a free styler. 🙂

Trend #4

Aerial yoga…it scares me!  I think it looks absolutely beautiful and I don’t doubt that it wouldn’t give you an amazing workout, but I’m terrified of heights and that’s enough to keep me on the ground. Of all the trends, this would be the one I’d try first if I could just get over my fear. 

Trend #5

Orangetheory Fitness and other competitive style classes.  I’m all about giving every workout my best effort and I am competitive with myself, but I don’t like the “on blast” feeling of these type of classes.  The instructors are there to push you to move towards your max heart rate, even calling you out by name.  They also put all your stats on a board in the front of the class.  You are given a heart rate monitor and all of your workout info is out there for everyone to see.  I’m not one who gets motivation that way.  It would also be a tough class for any type of beginners.

**disclaimer: all info provided is based on research from company websites and fitness blogs. In keeping with the theme with trends I would not do, my opinion is based on that alone. I’ve not had actual experience with any of these trends personally. 

What trends will you never try or make you want to say “do what?!”  Have you tried any of these before?

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33 thoughts on “Friday Five: Do What?!

  1. The wraps posts drive me insane. Saran Wrap is not a replacement for a healthy diet and exercise! People spend so much time looking for the easy way out when they could just spend that time working out and it would be so much more effective…

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Melanie this is awesome! Don’t expect to find me in a Seen on Screen workout or prancercise either. I’m all for trying new things, but, um, no. What the heck is it with the wraps? They’re everywhere! Some days so much so it’s annoying. I didn’t know that about Orangetheory. That class I would take 🙂

    Have an amazing weekend friend!

  3. A class that calls me out for slacking by displaying my numbers could be a good thing for me. I tend to cut corners easily and something like this could benefit me. But since it would actually show how much of slacker I really can be I think I will pass on it lol.

  4. The aerial yoga reminds me of Cirque du Soleil. Samantha Brown tried it on one of her Disney shows and she said she felt like a pinata. I know THAT would be going through my head and I wouldn’t be able to take it seriously.

  5. GIrl! The wraps people are driving me nuts! No thanks…I will do the hard work and get fit and lose weight the healthy way. And prancercise!!!! LOL!!!! We watched a youtube video of that not long ago and were crying from laughing so hard lol!

  6. The wrap thing has been around forever. We even wrap salons at one point. I wonder what has caused the resurgence? The aeriel yoga looks nice, but not with uber ungraceful me hanging by the silks.

  7. Ughhh…wraps. I completely agree. 😡 I also had no idea Prancerise was actually a thing.

    I’d love to try aerial yoga though (in part because I’ve already tried aerial silks and loved it, so I think I’d like it a lot! 😛

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