Blessings in Disguise

blessingquoteDo you ever have that moment when you wonder why things go the way that they do, but then later on you look back and realize that it was actually a blessing in disguise?  Sometimes it isn’t evident at first, but then later on, you realize that things happened just the way they were intended to happen.  That’s the beauty of a blessing in disguise.

It happens a lot in life. Not getting jobs or declining certain opportunities end up leading to something better or driving you in another direction; one that you didn’t even know existed.  Changes in relationships, although it’s difficult at first, lead you towards different friendships or it helps to strengthen others.  Situations where you feel powerless end up becoming ways to practice being strong.  For every disappoint, there is greater joy just waiting around the corner.  Blessings in disguise are everywhere.

They also happen in running too…

I swore off marathons after Kiawah.  I trained for 18 weeks to just feel completely beaten up.  I was at the point of thinking that marathons were just not my thing.  Enter Cara.  She was training for the Richmond Marathon.  I was accompanying her on a lot of her long runs.  I was just running, keeping my friend company.  I was training for Crooked Road anyways, so why not get in some 20 milers?  It would only help!  Then, just like that, I was signed up to run with her.  It was exactly the thing I needed to trust a marathon again.  It was one of those moments when I realized that Kiawah wasn’t supposed to be the marathon that would get me a PR, it was Richmond.

A setback is just an open door.  It’s a chance for something even better.

When have you experienced a blessing in disguise?  What did it lead you to?

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22 thoughts on “Blessings in Disguise

  1. It’s funny how life works this way. My younger son had a rough spring of soccer tryouts, getting cut from one team and not offered a position on another. Last night he joined a different team that he LOVES. As we were driving home, he said to me “it’s a good thing I got cut. I never would have been on my new team if I hadn’t and I’m so happy here.” Amazing that a 9 year old could understand that.

  2. I totally agree with your assessment of blessings in disguise and think you know from my post the answer to your question, but still most definitely agree with you on this 😉

  3. I think can can definitely be true! I remember many years ago when my husband lost his job. I was very pregnant with our second child and it was terrifying. However, he ended up with a much better company. He is still with them and, over the last 10 years has gotten a couple promotions. It was definitely a better fit that only came about because of something awful!

    • We had the exact same thing happen to us!! I had just found out we were pregnant and my husband had two weeks left on his job. They were closing. He ended up getting his job he has now within that 2 week timeframe. We were so worried about what was going to happen!! It all worked out in the end, even better than we thought too!

  4. Blessings come in so many different ways, I can’t come to mind this moment of a recent blessing in disguise, but I know that I agree they are there and I love the example you use for your running. So exciting.

  5. Hi! Just found you through Hanna’s blog 🙂 I love finding North Carolina runners!! I’m training for my first marathon which just so happens to be Richmond in November, so that’s awesome how it turned out to be a blessing for you!

  6. What a great post! I definitely agree with blessings in disguise, and I have begun to look at all things in such a way. When my oldest son was 16, he looked after his brother 10 and sister 7, and his grandmother with MS, so that I could go see my dying uncle. His grandmother (my mom) died before I got home, he took care of everything and kept his brother and sister from knowing that something was wrong. I hated that he went through that, but it made him a very strong and young man, and I am so proud of him. Sadly cancer took my uncle, 5 days later. I was blessed to have that chance to see him and my son was blessed with knowing that he could handle whatever life gave him. Have an amazing week!

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