Weekly Rundown

A change of scenery was just what I needed.  Ah, the glorious feeling of running at the beach and on flat roads.  You never realize how much running on flat roads is such a treat.  It was a great week of running rejuvenation for me!  weeklyrundownlogo


Monday – What’s better than one mile at the beach? 2 miles!  And we also did some late night races against the girls.  Hayden and Nattie both kicked our booties.  Those girls can scoot!nighttimebeachraces

Tuesday – I ran 4 miles to just past the pier and back.  It was a great run and I found my run forever pace.

Wednesday – 1.04 miles along the beach with my niece

Thursday – 4.1 miles The temperature and dew point made me grab my HR monitor.  I had stopped wearing it since I wasn’t really training but I wanted to make sure that I was running at a relaxed pace for my upcoming race on Saturday.  Avg HR 131friday3miler

Friday – The best conditions to run in all week!!  I usually just run a mile on Fridays, but I ended up running 3.03 miles.  I wore my HR monitor again for this one.  Avg HR 120

Saturday – Island Independence 5K (.6 mile warmup and 3.12 miles)  I ran wicked smart and even.  I’m a horrible judge of how to run a 5K.  I fear crapping out at the end so I try to run smart at the beginning.  Even splits for miles 1 and 2 (8:16, 8:17).  I kicked it up to 8:06 for mile 3 and sailed in at 7:13 pace for the .12.   I finished in 25:32!  My only goal for this one was under 26 minutes.  Goal: check!  In retrospect, I did hold myself back at the beginning of the race.  I was running 7:45-8:00 but having not trained or done speed work for a 5K, I wasn’t sure when my legs would tire out.2015-07-04 06.56.39-1

Sunday – 7 miles  I threw on my HR monitor again.  I wasn’t sure how recovered I would be from yesterday’s race, but apparently it was a non-issue.  My watch didn’t beep at me until after mile 5 and it only went off one more time towards the end of our run.  Avg HR 131sundaylongrun7

Total Weekly Miles: 25.66

Year to Date Miles: 737.42 to 1500 miles (**So I double checked my miles in my journal with Daily Mile and guess who is really bad at math??!  This girl!  I missed adding in a week to my yearly total in my journal)

Meal Plan

We had some really good food this week.  I ate scallops the day we got there, a big ol’ steak on our last night at the beach and a killer meatball sub mid week for lunch.  We had black bean tacos for dinner one night and crock pot chicken.

How did your week go? How are you handling the heat and humidity?

Are you making goals and looking back at your week too?  Head over to The Weekly Chase hosted by Molly and Mindy and see what other people are sharing about their weekly goals and accomplishments.

Go be awesome! 🙂


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