Healthify Your Vacation

Summer vacation means family trips, beach vacations, and weekends out of town!  This week, the Fit Fam is sharing ways that we can stay healthy and keep with our goals while even on vacation.  Sometimes it can get a bit tricky, but with a little bit of planning, it might be easier than you think!  healthyvacations

Bring Your Gear

Just bringing your running gear may be enough of a motivator to stay on schedule and to get in some workouts.  I always bring my running shoes and figure that I can always get in a quick mile or two.

Try Something New

Find ways that you can stay active while on your trip!  I already researched sunrise yoga while I’m at the beach this week.  Try paddleboarding!  Take a bike tour of a city!  Just walking and exploring new places alone keeps you moving.  I also love to look for new routes to run in new cities.  Lots of gyms offer a drop in fee for a class.

Healthy Food Choices

Part of being on vacation is indulging just a bit.  If I plan on eating dinners out, then I try making good choices for the other two meals.  We usually stick with sandwiches and fruit or raw veggies during the day, but I enjoy all the good stuff at dinner.  Find a balance that works for you!

Make Adjustments

Plan to mix up your schedule just a bit.  Some mornings I have run super early; others it was later in the afternoon.  I just tried not to disrupt anyone’s schedule.  See what your plans are each day and see where there are times you can fit in a workout.  Also be flexible!  A 4 mile run might not happen, but two 2 milers or just one might fit in better.  Go with the flow!

If all else fails,

Cut Yourself Some Slack

The whole part of being on vacation is being on vacation.  Planning to get in workouts shouldn’t trump any of your vacation plans.  Realize that you may not be able to get in all your intended workouts, but that is okay.  Sometimes a break from working out is just as beneficial as a break from work and life. I love running just as much as the next person, but I’m unwilling to let it run my vacation.

Any tips you have on how you keep your vacations healthy?  Share them with me!

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Go be awesome! 🙂


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18 thoughts on “Healthify Your Vacation

  1. Staying active and making healthy choices helps me enjoy vacation all the more. But I agree, also going with the flow and cutting yourself some slack is super important. Vacation resting and splurging a little is a must! 😉

  2. We often rent a house on vacation and that allows me to stock the fridge with healthy, easy meals. That way, at least breakfast and one other meal are our normal meals and I try not to indulge too much when we go out.

  3. Great tips Melanie. The key for me has been to not overindulge AND to not overhealthify. I feel great, have more energy and enjoy the trip even more when I find that healthy vacation balance.

    #fitfamlove xoxo

  4. It’s funny you mention bringing gear because I always pack days worth of workout attire and then usually end up wearing one. I anticipate changing into workout clothes for outdoor walks, but sometimes end up wearing regular clothes. Having the workout gear in the suitcase makes me feel more prepared though! And my new favorite shoes are these Sketchers that are so walkable and easy to pack! Nice post!

  5. I agree with your tips Melanie. Just back from Lake Tahoe and packed my running gear. We also always book a resort with a full kitchen so we are able to shop and prepare all our meals and snacks instead of eating out or room service. I was able to run early in the a.m. and then we had the rest of the day for beach, pool and hiking, etc.

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