Goal Checkin’ – Summer Edition

For this Tuesday on the Run, we are checking in on our 2015 goals.  Halfway through the year, it’s a great time to look and see what’s working well, what needs some more attention, and how much closer are we to those end results.  2015goals

My Rocking Goals 2015

Run this Year Smartly: A+

Still giving myself an A+ on this one.  I’m listening to my body and adjusting my pace to go with the summer heat and humidity.  I’m also hitting 700 miles this week for the year!!  I’m also still streaking safely and enjoying my one “mile” rest days.

Branch Out and Be Brave: A-

I wanted to overcome my fear of roller coasters when we visited Williamsburg last month, but I just couldn’t do it.  I did have a blast at the water park though.  I also signed up for a new race, A Brighter Path 10K.  It was a great race and it supported a charity dear to my heart.  I also found out that I had been accepted to be an ambassador for the the Asheville Marathon.  Out of a hundred applicants, I was so honored to be chosen to represent the race.

(Try to) Live in the Moment: A

We lived it up in Williamsburg and Water Country USA!  No schedule and just did what we want.  I also am currently living moment to moment at the beach.  We purposely made no plans so we could just enjoy the trip.  I do have a few races already on my schedule well into fall, but I’m leaving plenty of time open for fun.

Get Back to Cooking: A

Can you believe it?!  Thank you, Hello Fresh, for helping me earn an A.  It has been the best decision we’ve made to help us to eat healthier, cook at home and to actually make cooking together a part of our lives. It’s a win for us!

Find Another Love: C

I am back to taking weekly BodyPump classes and I will put together an occasional at home WOD, but other than that, nothing else has been as fun or something that I actually want to put effort or time into.  Still not sure what the other “love” might be…maybe it’s not something I need to do physically.  I do love some puzzling! Maybe that’s it, mental exercise vs something else physical.  Hmmm….

How are you doing on your goals?  What is going really well?  Anything need a little more attention?

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10 thoughts on “Goal Checkin’ – Summer Edition

  1. Well let me just see I think you are just fine with the whole roller coaster thing! They are not for me either. The older I get the closer I want to be to the ground lol. Great job overall in keeping with your goals! I would give myself a B+ on my goals (I only set 3 this year since I started late). Keep up the great work!

  2. Congratulations on the Asheville Marathon ambassador tag. That is a gorgeous race and while it’s too far away for me to do every year, it’s definitely worth the trip!

  3. Great job with your goals!!! I think you mentioned Hello Fresh a few times before – I love that you are doing that. I also probably mentioned this, but I had a coworker with a serious lack of cooking skills who did Blue Apron (similar to Hello Fresh) and she is cooking up a storm now. I love reading about that!

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