Running Inspired Questions

I was tagged by Wendy over at Taking the Long Way Home to take part in answering some running inspired questions.  I think some of these questions you might already know the answer to, but others might surprise you.  I also added a bonus question at the end based on a comment from Wendy’s reader.

Location: Road, Trail, Indoors

You might already guessed my answer for this one.  I’m 90% road runner, I do leave the 10% for an occasional trail run, though not as often as I would like.  Technical trails scare me a bit.  My fear of falling is high and I find that I miss out on the scenery and peacefulness because I’m terrified of taking a tumble.  I do run some “trail” like runs at Salem Lake and Hamilton Lakes.  I will run on a treadmill and an absolute last resort.  Other than that, I’m outside running our local roads and Greenways and loving it.  We are really lucky here in Greensboro to have some really great places to run.


One marathon on the road, the next on a trail

Time of Day: Morning, Noon or Night?

I actually prefer to run in the mornings but I run most of my runs in the evenings.  Why?  Because I can run with my friends!  If I ran early in the mornings before work, I’d have to run at 5am and solo.  Doesn’t sound as fun to me.  Lucky for us, we run our long runs in the mornings so it’s a good balance of both.  Now that I’m home for summer, I will mix in a bit more morning runs.

Weather: Sunshine, Mild or Hot?

We run rain or shine and hot or cold.  We’re a bit spoiled here in NC in that we can run all year round outside pretty easily.  With only a few days here and there of snow, we have to dodge ice more in the winter time.  I prefer to run in the cold to cool weather of Fall and Winter.  My perfect running temp would be 40-50 degrees, a slight breeze even.  I’m the weirdo who will still run a tank and skirt up until about 30 degrees.  I have to have at least one body part cold.  Summer makes me wilt, but I still am out there running in it.  snoworsunFuel: Before, After or Sometimes During?

I always eat a snack or a protein bar before my runs.  My go to snack during the week is hummus and Triscuits usually and I eat a protein bar before my long runs. During my run, I drink water and that’s it.  With our HR training, we’ve eliminated the need for any kind of chomps, chews, or shot bloks on our long runs.  I do add in some Gatorade though now that the temps are ridiculously high.  Post run, we usually head out post long run for breakfast.  It may be bagels, it might be brunch, but we’re eating, for sure.

Accessories: Watch, Music, More?

I always wear big blue, my old school Garmin watch, for every run.  I wear my HR monitor on some runs now.  With the heat, we’ve been taking it easy and mixing in walk breaks so it hasn’t been a necessity to wear it.  If Glide is an accessory, then I use it for every run!  I do not want any chafing!!  I wear music maybe once in a while, if I’m running solo or in a race.  All my skirts and shorts have huge pockets on them, so I can stash my keys there.  I don’t run with my phone since I am always with someone else.  garmin

Rewards: Food, wine or?

A Coke, beer and food.  Every race, every time.  After most races, we want a regular Coke and then a beer and lunch after.  That first sip of Coke after a race is awesome.  The sugar, the bubbles, all of it.  After drinking nothing but water and Gatorade for miles, the coke just gets rid of that muck mouth feeling.  Once we’ve finished, we head somewhere for lunch and a brew.  snobbrun

Type of Run: Long Run, Tempo, Intervals, Hill Repeats, Progression, Recovery/Easy?

My favorite run?  All of them!  I love each run, especially if I’m running with my friends.  Long runs are great because we spend the time just chatting.  We started doing some speed work before the heat showed up and it was a lot of fun.  We just kind of did our own thing and it was great to be out there cheering each other on and encouraging each other to keep pushing.  Hill repeats, haven’t done them in ages!  We run a ton of hills on all of our routes, so we just leave it to that.  Progressions are probably the ones that make me feel like I ran smart and had good control of a run.  I love finishing a run or race and having nailed a progression.  Recovery and easy miles are always good!  It’s good to slow it down.

Bonus Question: If you could run any marathon in the world, what would it be?

The Dopey Challenge at Disney, hands down.  It’s a bucket list race for me.  I will do it one time in my life.

Now it’s your turn!  Take the same questions and answer them.  I’d love to read your answers.

If you could run any race in the world, what would it be?

Go be awesome! 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Running Inspired Questions

  1. I’m the same way with roads/trails. LOVE trails, but the technical ones are scary! And I love soda post race. Yummmmm! If I could run any race in the world, it would be the women’s Olympic Trials marathon in LA in February 2016. To be able to run among those women, some being my biggest role models, would be incredible! I’d even just love to go and watch it.

      • Totally agree! I live close to NYC and I’ve considered going in to cheer for it because I usually know a bunch of people running, but I haven’t done it because traffic seems like a nightmare. Maybe I’ll brave it this year – two of my close friends are running!

  2. I love your answers! And while I never drink coke, I will admit that the thought of one after a hot sweaty run is really appealing.

    I’d love to run Boston, of course, and I’m throwing my name in the hat for Big Sur. Those are my 2 marathons that I’d love to do.

  3. I prefer the road too, mostly because I get too nervous out in the hills/mountains by myself!

    Any race in the world…I am not sure! The Dopey Challenge would be HARD, but awesome. I do have Boston, NY and Chicago on my US bucketlist.

  4. Really fab answers! There’s a Dopey Challenge?! How exciting! So lovely to have things on the bucket list you want to do. I’d love to do a Disney Half/Marathon. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Definitely going to have a go at answering the questions!

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