Meal Prep and Planning

I’m going to be totally honest with you all and say until about two months ago, I sucked at meal prep and planning.  I always had the best intentions, but laziness, lack of inspiration and just not enjoying cooking got in the way.  It was a constant stress in my household and Nick and I spent way too much time bickering about what we were going to cook for dinner.  We always had the normal rotation of meals too.  Spaghetti, tacos, sandwiches, take out, repeat.  It was getting to be awful and we were starting to eat out more than we were eating in the house.10-i-hate-cooking-funny-quotesIn addition to all of the eating out, the pounds were starting to pack on.  50% of my meals were spent at a restaurant where I had no control of what was going into each meal and I wasn’t always making the best choices either.  In addition to most meals out, they also included a brew or two.  Something had to change.  I was feeling awful too.  Just blah and I was popping Tums like they were candy.

Enter Hello Fresh.

Some people find the service too expensive and not for them and that’s totally a personal decision I understand.  But for us, it has been exactly what we needed to get us back on track.  For $70 a week for 3 meals for 2 people, we’re spending less than we were during our take-out foodathon.   The other thing that money can’t buy for us is that we now have variety each week with our meals so the spaghetti/taco rut is no more and we’re eating food that we’d never dream of cooking ourselves.  I am no expert in the kitchen but I’ve cooked salmon and cod, two foods that I would have stayed away from cooking from a lack of experience.  I nailed those meals!  I’m gaining confidence in the kitchen and I love it!  I dare I even say it…like cooking now.  image

Part of what has made this successful for us too is the prepping each week.  Each Hello Fresh meal comes in a plastic bag with all the ingredients you need for that meal.  We unpack each bag and store the veggies in these ultra lite green boxes.  When we pick our meal for the day, Nick and I tag team the cooking.  I do all the chopping and he’s in charge of the meat.  We then work together to cook the meal.  Usually I keep prepping for the rest of the meals, pre-chopping most of the veggies so that we have it easier for the rest of the week.  I also am lucky that I’m home around 4pm every day so I tend to do a lot of the prep work before Nick’s home around 5:30pm.  I also pre-cook a lot of the meals too before I head off to run so that all Nick has to do is finish it up/warm it up when he and Hayden are ready to eat.

The food is amazingly good!  We’ve only had one meal out of 15 that was kind of eh?  All the other meals have been really, really tasty.  We love the variety and selection of meals.  We always choose a veggie option.  We’re eating and trying things that we would have shied away from before.  Usually we are a meat and two sides kind of family, but we’re realizing that we don’t have to have a starch with every meal, pasta is not a side item any longer and I haven’t had a roll with dinner in weeks.

As far as how I’m feeling, I haven’t had to pop a Tums since starting to cook and eat at home.  I feel better when I eat our Hello Fresh meals and actually find that normal foods that I crave just don’t sound as great any more.  I love the freshness of our Hello Fresh meals too.  I have lost 4 lbs since we started eating at home which is awesome considering I’ve made no other changes.   Most importantly, Nick and I are loving cooking and spending time in the kitchen together.  It’s not a chore but something that we actually enjoy.

Hello Fresh is a win for us!

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18 thoughts on “Meal Prep and Planning

  1. This sounds great! I try to plan out our weeks meals on Sunday’s before I go to the store. It helps a ton, to know what we’re having in advance. I ask for my family’s input too. Rarely do they give me suggestions but if they complain about a meal, I remind them that they could have picked something else!

  2. This sounds awesome! A friend of mine at work has been using a similar company, Blue Apron. She literally could screw up boiling water before she started using them, and now she is cooking – and not just the meals they send, on her own! I think these companies are really awesome. Great job!

  3. We are terrible at meal planning too- and there is only 2 of us so we go thru lazy spurts. We both feel better when we eat at home and limit meals out, also makes the wallet happy! I have tried Hello Fresh, easy to use!

  4. Glad that you’re finding enjoyment in cooking and have found a way to transform your food intake! I should try meal prepping…haha

  5. What amazing progress you have made! I love how you two are a team in the kitchen, with designated jobs. I think this is the perfect way to start making great routines. It eases you into it, and like you said, gives you confidence in the kitchen. I think it will be easy for you guys to eliminate food ruts from now on. way to go!!! SO inspiring Melanie. PS, you look so much like someone I know at the gym, and I just started to get you two confused because I feel like we’re friends. lol. DOes that make sense? Anyway, always love getting to know you better. : )

    • I totally know what you mean!! I talk about my blogging friends to my friends too. It’s confusing to people who don’t blog but we share a lot of info and feel like we know each other. I think it’s a great thing to find connections with positive people however you can get it!! 🙂 It keeps us all motivated and inspired!

  6. Finding what works for you is key to change, consistency and sticking with it-ness! I can’t imagine a week without menu planning and meal prep and trying to decide what to cook every night. #fitfamlove xoxo

  7. I started cooking only after getting into Bikini competition contest prep. In the beginning it was a nightmare , but I ended getting OK in it.
    I am not a chef, but I can do enough to stay on track.

  8. I am not the biggest fan of cooking either. I sometimes like it better than others, but I could NEVER be one of those cook every day types of people. That’s probably why I only cook a couple nights per week and eat leftovers. This sounds like a great service to try someday.

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