Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Happy Thursday to all!!  Is it just me or should all work weeks be 4 days?!  This week is flying by.  I’m surprised it’s already Thursday and I’m not dragging yet.  I’ll take it.

Buckle up and get ready…

Thinking-Out-LoudYesterday was a another speed work Wednesday and I was actually looking forward to it.  As soon as I took off on our first interval, I knew yesterday was going to be a good run.  I needed it after being on the struggle bus the day before with a steamy and awful 4 miler.   We all felt like poo after Tuesday’s night run, but man, yesterday made up for it.  It’s funny how in all things there is a yin and yang effect.  Take the good with the bad.  I’m just happy the bad doesn’t stick around long and the good is always worth it.

From Blendra

From Blendra

Only one more day and we are Williamsburg bound!!  I’m excited to head out of town with our friends.  I’m also looking forward to running somewhere new!  I’m running the Badass Runner Virtual 5 miler and what better place to run those miles than in Williamsburg.  I have a greenway already scoped out and Katie, Nathan and I will be running early on Saturday morning before we head to Busch Gardens for the day.  We scored some season passes back in March or April for the same price as a one day admission. I love hanging out in amusement parks even though I’m not much of a roller coaster rider.  I actually prefer the ones that flip upside down vs the ones that just do high, scary hills. I don’t like that drop in my belly feeling and that’s what keeps me off the big coasters.  I like the bumper cars, some water rides, and maybe one or two other rides depending on the park.  I love a coal mining ride!  Hayden and I both!  Baby hills, lots of quick turns, now that’s our kind of fun!  The older I get the more I feel really yucky after riding a bunch of rides.  I’m in it for the food, people watching and just walking around. 

What amusement park rides are your favorite?  Do you like roller coasters?

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Go be awesome! 🙂


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15 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday

  1. I’m totally with you on mostly going to amusement parks for the atmosphere… I used to be able to do rides when I was younger, but now? Motion sickness hits me crazy early and I end up focusing more on not throwing up than enjoying the actual ride 😆

  2. The past four weeks, it’s been a trend here: an awful Tuesday run with sticky, steamy weather where the struggle is REAL, but followed by an awesome run Wednesday to make up for it. I had a rough one Tuesday and a great speed workout last night. What gives?! Nice job getting it done in these blazing temps!

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