Race Recap: Race the Bar 5K- Pig Pounder Brewery

This weekend’s race is the first of four in the Race the Bar Series.  Each race increases in distances, starting with a 5K and ending with a half marathon (tentatively).  Each race starts and finishes at a local brewery and all participants not only get a great tech tee, but a special pint glass for each race.  Christine and I signed up for three of the four races already being one of the first 50 people to register and we got a killer deal for all three!  Registration isn’t up yet for the last race, but we’ll be running that one too. racethebar5Kswag

The race time is at 4pm which is great for the post-race party, but tough when running in the heat of the day.  Yesterday was a hot one and Christine and I made the decision to just run at an easy pace and enjoy the race!  With it being our second run of the weekend too, we weren’t really wanting to race it.  We got to the start right at 3:15pm and caught up with other friends who were running too.  The cool thing about Trivium races is they provide tents for running groups and we hung out in the Runnerdude tent to try and stay out of the sun the best we could.

Right at 3:50pm, Rich had the pre-race meeting where he let all the runners know the course was closed to traffic, there were volunteers on each turn and the course was marked with signs. Shortly after, we lined up and right at 4pm, we were off!

The first mile was a mix of hills, some good downhills and one big ol’ hill right before mile one.  We ran up the hills conservatively and actually got pretty speedy on the first downhill.  We ran through the first water stop just at mile one and kept a really good pace and effort to mile two.  The sun was blazing along the course and it was nice once we headed through an older neighborhood with a lot of shade.  Mile 2 to right before the end of the race was rather flat and we settled in to a good pace.  pigpounder5K

We passed some friends out on the course cheering and headed towards the Greenway section, which would be in full sun.  We hung in there the best we could, but man, I was sweating!!  Once we made the turn and had just .5 left, we ran up a short hill and walked up part of the second hill, the steepest one on the course.  Right as we were coming up to the crest, we started running again and headed to the finish line.  We finished right at 32:06 and we were both smiling at the end.

We grabbed our finisher pint glass and headed to the beer line.  Each runner received two beers.  We hung out with friends and chatted.  The post race party was really nice.  Music was playing, people were hanging out, Pig Pounder had their food truck out there too.  We had a great time!


The tech tee and pint glass are awesome!  The course is a really good 5K course and I’d love to have a chance to run that in the morning.  I think it’d be a good one to try and really race.  I love that the series has several races and that the distance on each race increases.  The volunteers and the police officers on the course were supportive and so nice.  The post race party was enjoyable and fun!


Other than a mix-up with my bib number (I was a man for a brief period of time, haha!), there wasn’t anything that went wrong or seemed to be an issue.  Rich and Libby fixed my bib issue quickly and it was all good.

I’m looking forward to the next Race the Bar 8K – Lindley Park in just a few weeks!  The course for that one is a beast!

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Did you run a race this weekend?  How did it go?

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Go be awesome! 🙂


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14 thoughts on “Race Recap: Race the Bar 5K- Pig Pounder Brewery

  1. This sounds like a fun series! My sister had a mix up with her timing chip last year for a race. Her bib had HER name on it and her timing chip had another girls name on it. That stressed us both out all night until we could get to Runner Relations on race morning!

  2. Sounds like a blast! I have actually never run a race with a group of girlfriends before! Is that terrible? I have run a few with my family though. I love the idea of doing a series, that builds up distances – very cool. And 4pm?! Yowz. I had a race at noon once, at the end of summer, and I went so slow, and my feet were on fire at the end. lol. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Evening races freak me out a bit — What do I eat? When do I eat it? Will I be tired?
    That race looks really fun!

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