Weekly Rundown

This is my second post of the day because I forgot to set up my Weekly Fitness and Meal Plan to post yesterday.  The life of a blogger! 🙂

This week was a wonderfully easy week for me with running.  I just took it as a recovery week and did a lot of great easy runs and walks.  It was also super social for most of our runs and it was exactly what I needed!



Monday – One mile and a BodyPump class.  It was a great class and I’m already back to my normal weights on everything!

Tuesday – 4 mile run with the girls!  We ran most of the 4 miles and walked some too.  It was really hot, sunny and humid.

Wednesday – We tackled some speed work.  Cara’s training for a 5K and we decided we’d show her our support and run some speed work with her.  It was silly fun and we all did so well!  We ran a mile warm-up and did 60 x 60 (1 min fast, one minute recovery) for 8 rounds.  I was so surprised at some of my pace splits!  I had not hit some of those paces in a long time (I stopped doing speed work almost 2 years ago).  I also felt super strong and I could tell that my HR training has paid off.  The highest I saw on my HR monitor was 172 and that was right towards the end.  I was in the 160’s for most of them and was running sub 7’s.

Thursday – 4 miles of solo recovery run.  I kept it super easy, ran at a HR of 135 or below.

Friday – one mile

Saturday – 6 miles with friends.  We have some friends who either just had a baby or is pregnant and they came to meet us!  It was so great to see them and we all enjoyed our walk. We had a huge group walking and talking down the Greenway.  Our friends turned to head back at 1.5 miles and the rest of us went out to mile 3 and ran back.  We had great run!  It was the perfect start to the weekend!

Sunday – Race the Bar 5K with Christine and other runner friends.  It was a great event and I’ll have my race recap up tomorrow!

Total weekly miles: 23.14 miles

2015 Year to Date Miles: 564.35 on my way to 1500


More super meals this week!  Here’s just a highlight of some of the good things we ate this week!


From Hello Fresh:

  • Pork al Mojo
  • Pea and Asparagus Risotto with walnuts and goat cheese.

Other meals:

  • Dynamite Scallop Roll at PF Chang’s.
  • Cheeseburger and a few boneless wings on our Tuesday night post run out
  • Pizza with sliced tomatoes

How did your week go?  Run any races this past weekend?  How’d they go? 

Are you making goals and looking back at your week too?  Head over to The Weekly Chase hosted by Molly and Mindy and see what other people are sharing about their weekly goals and accomplishments.

Go be awesome! 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. Sounds like the perfect week. I had super easy enjoyable runs too! Including much trail running/walking. And that mango dish sounds yummy! My goal for the week was to hit 30 and I did! Slowly working my mileage back up for a solid pre-marathon training in July!!

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