ToTR: Running Hacks

Running is sometimes tough enough by itself, so why make it even more difficult?!  With a little pre-planning and organization, running from gear to actual runs can all be a little bit easier.  For this Tuesday, we’re talking all about running hacks.  Those little things that can sometimes make a big difference!

Hack #1: Dealing with stinky clothes

How do you deal with stinky, sweaty clothes?  We often eat breakfast or head out for a dinner and a brew after some of our runs and I usually bring a dry shirt to change into.  Now I’m left with a pile of sweaty, wet clothes.  What do I do with them?!  Until about a year ago, I would have thrown them on my floor board and dealt with them when I got home.  Problem with that?  My car would stink!  Bad.  Solution:  A vinyl-lined bag.  I purchased two of them, the first one was a wet bathing suit bag and then I recently got another smaller one.  I toss my wet running gear into the bags when I change.  All the wet stuff is in one location and my car stays fresh.  vinylbag

Hack #2: Running Shoes

I’m all about saving some money when it comes to buying running shoes.  I am more about saving a few bucks than having the latest version of my running shoe.  Use the internet to your advantage!  I often will do a search for my running shoes, the older version, and have scored pairs for half (if not more) off the newer version price.  Also check local running shops for mark downs.  One store here had my Adidas Boosts for buy one get one half off.   Did I mention they were on clearance too?  I got two pairs for less than $100.  Score!

Hack #3: Running Bag

If you are like me, my running bag is loaded with everything I could ever need.  Hats, Sunscreen, Shot Bloks, Glide, etc.  It’s all in my bag!  Finding things can be a challenge.  I also use my running bag to store my clothes when I go right from work to the gym or to run.  I use carabiners and cosmetic bags to keep my things within reach.  I use a carabiner on the handle of my bag to clip my keys to it.  I use a cosmetic bag to keep my jewelry and extra hair ties in it.  cosmeticbag

Hack #4: New Running Clothes

If you are on a budget, but still want to spruce up your workout gear, try TJ Maxx or Marshall’s.  On our recent trip out of town to GA, we hit up a Marshall’s and made a killing!  I found name brand gear for $15 or under.  I got some super cute running tanks and I spent a portion of what they would have cost in a running store.  I also like to check Ebay too.  People are willing to give away really great workout gear for half the cost.  I’ve gotten Lululemon and Runningskirts for 1/2 of what it would be in the stores. ebayfinds

Hack #5: Treadmill Trick

If you have to hit the treadmill to get some runs in, kick the incline up to 1%.  Just by adding that 1%, you are mimicking running outside.  There is also a difference in the speed when you kick up the incline too.  I use this chart to help me.

What are some of your favorite running related hacks?

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Go be awesome! 🙂


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16 thoughts on “ToTR: Running Hacks

  1. Yes to Ebay, you can find some great running deals! I just bought a pair of wireless earbuds last night…retail over $100 on the website and I got them for $50 brand new on Ebay!

  2. I use a small Athleta shopping bag as a running bag and keep ear buds, a granola bar, wipes, etc. in it so it’s ready to grab and go.

  3. Nice tips!! I’m all about older versions of running shoes. That’s probably my favorite way to save some cash. I also love your idea of a running bag.

  4. Brilliant idea on the vinyl lines bags. I also use the 1% trick on the treadmill, although if I have a long run I will try to play with the elevation to simulate rolling hills to change up the impact.

  5. Great tips! I definitely used to hit up TJ Maxx and Marshalls when I lived near them. They have the best deals on workout clothes and supplies!

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