Friday Five: Races

Happy Friday everyone!! Hope you all have had a great week! Mine’s still moving at 100 mph and I’m so ready for this weekend!  My friend, Christine, and I are headed to Charlotte for a weekend concert, the Carolina Rebellion. Rocking music by some of our favorite bands for 2 days! So excited!

For this Friday Five’s races topic, I thought I’d share my five favorite things from my last three races, Flying Pirate half, First in Flight 5K and Race 13.1 Evans GA.  I haven’t been able to do a race recap on all of them yet.

1. The medals

By running the Double Dare Challenge in OBX, I snagged not only an awesome half and a spinning 5K medal, but a huge challenge medal! It’s one of the reasons we keep going back to run Flying Pirate. Their medals are so cool! They out do themselves yearly.

Race 13.1 Evans medal was an homage to James Brown. Evans is his hometown so what better phrase to put on the medal then “I feel good!”April Medals


2. The courses

Flying Pirate’s course is so awesome! Running by the bay, seeing water for a few miles, looping around the Wright Brother Memorial, heading through the maritime forest and finishing with single track trail. It’s a great mix of scenery and terrain.

Evan’s course was a lot more scenic than I thought it would be. We ran along a greenway and it was beautiful! Once we got to the Savannah River, we ran along the Augusta Canal trail.  I wished more of the course was along the water. The course was a bit challenge, mostly downhill going out and uphill on the way back.

From Augusta Magazine

3. Post Race

No other race does a post race party like Flying Pirate! Music, homemade egg and cheese biscuits, dancing, beer, etc. It’s one of my favorite parts of the whole race!

Evans had a really nice post race spread. Plenty of food and snacks and they finally had Coca Cola!! We were so happy to see soda! On all the previous surveys, our group asked if they could please provide other beverages besides water and Gatorade at the finish line. After drinking that for 13 miles, we wanted something different. They listened!! That was the best soda ever!


Flying Pirate excels here too! We got red drawstring bags with the pirate logo on them, as well as a white finisher’s running cap when we crossed the line. They also have a ton of apparel and gear to purchase with the Flying Pirate logo.

Evans is a smaller race.  Their race tees are great quality and they use the same brand for all their races so sizing is never an issue!

5. Vacation Opportunities

Both races offer an opportunity based on location to do more than just the race!  The Outer Banks of North Carolina has so much to see and do!  From lighthouses, to Jockey’s Ridge, to the Lost Colony and the beach.  You can make it a mini racecation easily.

Evans offers the same.  A suburb of Augusta, you are minutes away from the golfing mecca!  Although it’s about impossible to access the course unless you are a member, there is still a lot to see and do.  We were bummed because they have tubing and canoeing along the Savannah River and we had no idea!  We plan to go back next year and make it a full weekend and take in more of the city and sights.

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12 thoughts on “Friday Five: Races

  1. The medals are something I definitely look forward to. If I don’t receive one at the end of the race I usually don’t sign up for it. That’s why I don’t do alot of 5k. I mean we pay so much money for these races we need to get something out of it right?

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