Weekly Rundown

With runs starting out at home, a quick trip to the beach mid-week and a long run Saturday, here’s how my week went!  Thank goodness for Spring Break!!  Rest and relaxation were much needed. I had some really great runs and a pretty good mileage week.  I reached my 400th mile of the year too!  Rolling right along towards 1500 miles in ’15.


Monday – 3.5 mile progression run.  I wanted to get a quick run in before we left town.  I was limited on time, so that meant go!

Tuesday – 1 mile plus core work  We spent the day shopping so I knew we’d be walking a lot so one mile seemed just about right.

Wednesday – My goal was to run for an hour and to see how far I could get.  With it being great temps and flat, it seemed like a good challenge.  I ran out 2.5 miles and came back to the condo.  Holy headwind coming back.  I was right at 45 min.  I went back for another 15 minutes and had 6.62 miles.  Being so close to 7, I went ahead and finished up the rest of the miles as a cool down.  wednesdayrun

Thursday – It was a stormy morning at the beach and I didn’t have time to get a run in before we left so I waited to run when we got home.  I sure did miss running on the flat…I took to my neighborhood hills.  I ran 3.25 miles, trying a different route thinking it might be a bit flatter.  No luck!  I also did my core work. thursdayrun

Friday – one mile early before work

Saturday – A pretty big group of us met to run at the Green Bean.  We ran a pretty good route.  The trees are blooming like crazy right now and the pollen is insane.  My socks were bright yellow by the time we finished!  We all felt like our throats were just coated in it from breathing it in.  It was a good run, but man, my breathing was labored.  We took several “rest” breaks along the 10 miles.  I also ran my 400th mile of the year.  400milesblog

Sunday – I met Christie at the gym for another Sunday WOD workout.  We ran a mile warm-up, completed a WOD of kettleball swings, grasshoppers, walking lunges, push press and jumping jacks for me (I stink at jump rope).  We finished up with a mile cool down.

Total miles: 28 miles

2015 Miles to Date: 403.86 on my way to 1500

Weekly Focus:  My weekly focus was diet and hydration.  I made some good choices when we were at the beach. I ate seafood with just about every meal.  My favorite dish were the grilled scallops at Boundary House.  I also loved my Shrimp Greek Salad.  Hydration was a whole different issue.  I hardly drank water while we were gone.  I mean maybe a bottle or two a day.  I have got to do better!

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How did your week go??  

Happy Week!


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