Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Good morning!!  Hope everyone has had an amazing week so far!  I’ve been truly spoiled spending a few days at the beach with my daughter.  It’s been a great trip and I hate that we have to head home today for one day of school tomorrow.  Silly snow makeup day!   At least it’s a Friday!

It’s Thursday! And that means…Thinking-Out-Loud

So what have I been thinking about…

I just heard a rumble of thunder and it made really appreciate that Spring is finally here.  There is something about a thunderstorm at the beach that is just divine!  We’ve had some gorgeous weather here at Ocean Isle and it felt so good to sit out in the sun and just enjoy the day.  We’ve been bundled up for too long and it was such a treat to actually wear a tank top and skirt and not be freezing cold.  It looks like good weather is in the forecast for weeks now, so I’m pretty happy.

This trip with Hayden was just what we needed.  Her and I have never gone away for any extended time by ourselves.  It’s been so nice just to hang out with her.  She’s in that in between age and she’s growing and changing almost daily.  I think I read or heard that children ages 11-14 go through as much growth and changes as newborn to 2.  Don’t quote me on that…  She’s quick witted (probably a little too much for her age), a thinker, observant, and kind.  She’s a wee bit self conscious at times, but not awkward.  She knows what she does and does not like.  She doesn’t want to be put into a mold.  She’s creative and unique.  Very different from Nick and I.  She beats to her own drum and has taught Nick and me a lot about patience, perspective and how to slow down.  She needs us one minute and the next is running out the door to meet friends.  It’s a hard time as a mom for me.  I still want to squeeze her and hug her like I’ve always done, but it’s become on her terms vs mine.  Of course, I do it anyways.  I rather her shew me off than for her not to know that I want to hug her.  beachpicture

We have just one week left for our annual Flying Pirate trip to the Outer Banks of NC.  I look forward to this trip every year and it’s very much like a homecoming.  Even though all of us see each other throughout the year, there is something special about this trip.  It’s one of our few family running trips.  All of us bring our kiddos and we are one huge happy family for a few days.  This year, there are 17 of us, I think.  The kids look forward to it as much as the adults and I’m happy that our friends are bringing their children this year too.  More kids means more fun!  We spend most of the time eating, cutting up, laughing, and hanging out when we aren’t running the races.  It’s a great way to start Spring.

and finally…

I just did something last night that previously would have scared me, made my belly flip and create a slight panic.  I registered for a marathon!  However, this time, I am super excited and giddy about it!  Remember that Christine and I thought about putting our names into the lottery for Chicago, but then we decided that we both wanted to run one together, so that left us looking for a new race.  We searched and researched a lot of different marathons and we finally decided on one!  We will be running…

The 7 Bridges Marathon in Chattanooga, TN in October!

After looking at the race course (we run over 7 bridges), reading information about Chattanooga and realizing that it would be a new state for us, we are thrilled with our decision!!  We have other friends who are joining us and we’ll make the trip a long weekend!!  Super excited and can’t wait!  Training will start for us at the end of June and we already decided there will be no 20 milers in our future…we’re sticking with the back-to-back long runs and maybe kicking up our mid-week runs to better prepare.  It looks like we’re sticking with a train theme for our marathons…first Tobacco Road, now 7 Bridges!

So what’s on your mind? What are you thinking about?  Share it with me!

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Happy Week!


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4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday

  1. Glad you had a great time with your daughter at the beach. That’s silly that the school system is making you come in for a day right before weekend! Also, congrats on registering for another marathon! Nothing more challenging than some bridges 🙂

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