Weekly Rundown

This was one of those weeks where I am just smiling about how my training went!  Some great surprises this week and I got to head back to the gym!


Monday – I finally got back to BodyPump!!  YAY!!  I met Christie and Julie for class.  I ran a mile earlier in the day knowing I wouldn’t have time before class.

Tuesday – Cara and I met to run but traffic was so bad so we ended up meeting a little bit later than we planned.  We realized once we got started that it was close to 6pm and that our friend, Kay’s beginning running group would be meeting at the local running shop.  Cara and I ran towards the shop hoping to catch up with them.  We made it all the way to the shop to be greeted by not only Kay, but Andrea and Christine!!  It was such an awesome surprise!  Cara, Christine and I ran 4.1 miles in honor of my birthday the next day.2015-03-24 19.27.17

Wednesday – My birthday!  I got in one mile in the morning knowing that we were going out to dinner later that night.  It was a great day!!

Thursday – A group of us met to run and to grab Mexican food after.  Kay and I hung together for a really solid 4.3 miler.  I felt really good running and we stuck right at my upcoming pacing pace, which made me happy.

Friday – 1 mile in the morning

Saturday – I met Katie and Cara last minute to run some early miles.  I was running the Hamilton Lakes 10K in the afternoon and thought I’d run 4 miles to just loosen up my legs a bit.  Katie had 10 miles to complete and Cara and I kept her company for 7.  I was really happy to meet up with them and I enjoyed the run!  The temperature though was not enjoyable.  We had dipped down into the low 30’s and a ridiculously cold wind.2015-03-28 10.20.08-2

At 2pm, I met Christine for the race.  We planned to stick together and I had planned secretly to see if we could get under an hour.  I’ll have a race recap soon!

Sunday – I met Christie and Amy at the gym to get some miles in and a circuit workout.  I started with 2 miles on the treadmill, then switched to the stepper to hang with the girls, but it felt awkward.  I have one leg just slightly longer than the other and it was jacking me up not being able to pick my feet up.  So I switched back to the treadmill.  After cardio, Christie set up a mini circuit that we completed 4 times through.  I ended up with 100 jump ropes, 100 jumping jacks, 60 kettle bell swings, 60 box “jumps” (I did a step version), and 125 crunches.  It was an awesome workout!  I loved it!

Weekly miles: 28.60

2015 miles to date: 349.82 on my way to 1500

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How did your week go??  Did you have any surprises too?

Happy Week!


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