Weekly Fitness Plan

After a chilly weekend, it looks like the weather finally returns to more appropriate Spring temps.  In addition to that, I feel pretty much recovered from the marathon and I’m back into adding miles and hitting the gym.

What’s on this week’s fitness plan?


Monday – one mile and BodyPump

Tuesday – A group of us are meeting downtown to take part in the first Gibb’s Hundred Brewing Running Club meeting.  Gibb’s is a local brewery and they are offering specials after the run.  They have a 3 mile and 5 mile option.  I’m planning to run the 5 mile route.  It’s also my 700th day of my running streak!

Wednesday – I’ll run 3-4 miles

Thursday – I want to hit the yoga class at the Y, so I’ll probably run 3 miles before or after.

Friday – I’m going to go for a mile, but with having off school, I may have time to run more.

Saturday – I’m volunteering for at a local race and bonus!  It’s right near my house.  I’ll plan to run to the start and back for 4 miles.

Sunday – I’m planning to run 8-10 miles.

Total miles: 26-28 miles

Weekly focus:  Hydration and food portions

Amazon just restocked Essentia so I’ve got a 12 pack of waters for the week.  I’m also going to start keeping an eye on my portions and making an effort to eat at home.  I cannot eat out every night and expect to make good choices and watch my portions.  I’m setting myself for failure.

What’s on your weekly fitness agenda?  Anything you are focusing on?

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Road Runner Girl

Happy Week!


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8 thoughts on “Weekly Fitness Plan

  1. Nice week of running. I’m home from vacation, and even though I had a great week of running, I slacked in the eating department. I enjoyed every morsel, but I need to get back on track, or those great running splits will be a thing of the past…

  2. Nice plan Melanie!!! This upcoming week will involve continuing to get stronger as I work out of this injury. I had an epic run today indicating that I’m almost out of the tunnel 🙂

  3. I like how you planned your week. Nice casual miles. 700 day streak?! That is mighty impressive. My plan is run, rest, repeat. 😉 I STINK at portion control. I killed some cookie cake and ice cream last night lol post marathon I’ll get my food act together. Maybe.

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