I Ran This Year!

Today I am celebrating!!  It’s my 41st birthday and what better time then to look back at the past year!  I’m kind of excited when I think back about all of the great races and events that happened this past year and where I’m headed this year! 🙂


The Year of Races, PRs, and Pacing: 40th Edition

The first race in my new age group was the Hamilton Lakes 10K last April.  I ended having a super race and ended up with a 2nd place AG and a shiny new PR!  I’m running this one again this weekend, but I’m still working on recovering from my full, so no racing just yet!

I added 9 more half marathons to my growing list!  Of those 9 races, I paced 4 of them!  I am so happy to have found the love of pacing.  It has really added something special to my running!

I surprised myself with a PR at the Salem Lake 30K last September.  We signed up to use this race as a training run and I was thrilled when I saw that I had finished almost 23 minutes faster than the last time I ran it.

I ran 2 marathons (City of Oaks and Tobacco Road) and another ultra distance (43 miles) at Crooked Road.  I finally learned not to be afraid of the marathon distance and how to run and train for them that fits me.

We ran a new race to us in December, the Reindeer Fun Run.  I hope to go back and run that one again this year!  It was so much fun, even if the course was crazy hilly!

And finally,

Gasparilla!!  4 races over 2 days for 30.4 miles!  It was an amazing trip!  So much fun!


By numbers

21 Races

Ran my 35th Half at Gasparilla

Ran my 6th marathon at Tobacco Road

Ran my 3rd ultra distance at Crooked Road

2 new PR’s: 10K and 30K

First time race distance: 12K and 15K


What’s next?!

  • Pace some of the same races again this Spring and Fall
  • Pick a fall marathon or maybe a challenge?
  • Go for that 100K distance at Crooked Road
  • Run fun races through the summer (5k’s and 10K’s)
  • Run a spring marathon before I turn 42. 🙂
  • Sprinkle in some races (one per month)

Cheers to another year!  Cheers to 41!  It’s going to be a great year!

This week’s optional topic is healthy recipes.  Check them out at the Fit Dish Linkup and become part of the #fitfam by heading over to Jill Conyers at JillConyers.com, & Jessica Joy at TheFitSwitch.org.

Happy Week!


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10 thoughts on “I Ran This Year!

  1. Happy Birthday! Oh my gosh, as you started listing all the things you have done, I had to go back and double check you were talking about just one year! HOLY MOLY. All that in ONE YEAR?! SHoot. You are amazing. And gosh, how many pairs of running shoes do you go through a year? That’s something I would love to know. Ahaha. THanks for the inspiration. You’re a warrior!

    • Hahaha!! Yes, it even surprised me! I wear Adidas Boost and the life of the shoe is a lot longer than regular running shoes. My last pair had close to 700 miles on them and they weren’t really flat. The ones I have now have 420 and they feel just like they did when I bought them. I won’t run in anything else.

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