Weekly Fitness Plan

This week looks to be just beautiful and I’m so excited!!  Seems like Spring temperatures are slowly staying around.

What’s on this week’s fitness plan? 


Monday – Headed back to BodyPump this week!  I’m being realistic and starting back over with my weights and slowly building back up.  I’ll also have one mile

Tuesday – I am going to try and make it to yoga, but it depends on what time I leave school.  I’ll either hit the class and do a mile or run 3 solo in my neighborhood.

Wednesday – It’s my birthday!!  I’ll run 4.1 miles to celebrate turning 41. 🙂

Thursday – Depending on whether I can make it to Tuesday’s yoga class, I may end up going to class today and running or a mile or I’ll run 3 miles

Friday – one mile

Saturday – I’m running the Hamilton Lakes 10K again this year.  The course has changed from last year, so I’m hoping it’s not as hilly, but knowing that neighborhood, it’s about impossible to make it any flatter.  Not sure at this point if I’ll race it or not.  Still working on getting my legs back from the marathon.

Sunday – I’ll head out for 3-5 miles and may take in a CXWorx class in the afternoon

I’m excited to be mixing in more classes this week and keeping my running pretty easy, slowly gaining back miles on the weekends.

What’s on your weekly fitness plan?  Any races coming up this weekend?

Happy Week!


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8 thoughts on “Weekly Fitness Plan

  1. Lucky me – I get a taper week! Nothing more than 5 miles and then my 50k is this Saturday. I’m glad you like classes, I have a hard time getting myself to them. I very much so enjoy my own schedule. Good luck this week!

  2. Yay for your birthday! I did the same thing last year – I ran 2.7 miles and had a really fun time doing it. It’s so funny to me that we celebrate our birthdays with running, but I love it!

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