Dream Training Team

Every runner has thoughts of what it would be like to train with an all star list of athletes.  You can’t help but become nostalgic when you watch the New York Marathon on TV and see World Class runners running the same roads as every day runners.  It gives me chills just thinking about that.  I got super excited to see who was running in the Gasparilla Half: Dathan Ritzenheim, Abdi Abdirrahman, and Jen Rhines, a three time Olympian.  This is the first race I’ve run in where there were some big time runners.

So if given the opportunity to train with or be trained by anyone, who would I pick?

I can’t help but first decide where I’d want to train.  After a visit a few years ago to Boulder, CO, I instantly fell in love.  I had a few runs there on the Boulder Creek Greenway and appreciated not only the beauty of the route, but I was jealous that this was the route that runners could run all the time.bouldercreekgreenway

 Now that I’ve picked the location for my training, who would I want to train with?

I have a special place in my heart for Kara Goucher.  She’s a runner momma!  She trains hard, has true dedication to a sport that she loves, has known and overcome bad races, but there’s also some very “real” about her.  She doesn’t make excuses.  She understands that we’re all human and sometimes what we ask and expect from our bodies, just doesn’t happen all the time.  But more importantly, she is a perfect example for what it looks like not to give up and to chase dreams even if they are scary.  She’s just amazing!  To train with her would be a dream! 

 Now I need a coach…

I’m a little naive in all of this.  I honestly don’t know much about professional/elite coaches and their different approaches.  So I can’t necessarily choose someone.  What I can say is I’d like someone who would understand me as a runner.  The person would have to create a plan tailored just for me and my abilities and then have it match the goals I have.  I don’t mind being pushed to achieve great things, but I also want to do it safely and within reason.  I’d like a plan that focuses on certain pace ranges and incorporates cross training, easy days, and speed work (but a good mix of different speed workouts).  Also, I’m not sure that I’d be going so much for a fast time vs a more endurance ultra event.

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Happy Week!


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