Weekly Rundown

Another week of training done.  We started training for Gasparilla and Tobacco Road Marathon 14 weeks and all that hard work and training comes down to this week.


Monday – This was the most beautiful sunny day!!  I had intended to run just three but once I got going, I added another mile.  I didn’t run with my HR monitor.  I was so excited about the weather, I totally forgot to grab it.  I ran a bit faster than my intended HR would allow, but it felt good.marathontrainingrun

Tuesday- 1 mile indoor.  As lovely as yesterday was, today was the complete opposite!

Wednesday – Cara and I met to run on another sunny day!  Mother Nature was acting all kind of crazy this week.  70’s one day and 30’s the next, back and forth.  We ran a really solid 4 miler and ran an accidental progression.

Thursday – 1 mile indoors.  Thursday was brutal…cold, rainy and bitter.

Friday- 1 mile indoors

Saturday – Christine, Cara and I ran our last long run, 10 miles! We ran a doozy of a route.  I have no one to blame, but myself.  I mapped it. It started out easy enough with most of our early miles flat to downhill, then around mile 4, that all changed and we climbed and climbed.  We did really well and hung in there.  A great last run to end on before the marathon!  lastlongtrainingrun

Sunday – One mile…I thought maybe I’d want to run more since the weather was so pretty.  But my early morning coffee and blogging time was more what I wanted.  Rest and relaxation is key at this point!

How did your week go?  Training going well?  Any races coming up?

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Happy Week!


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15 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. My next 5K is coming up this weekend- a fundraiser for the special olympics 🙂 I ran 4 miles this weekend- longest post surgery run so far 🙂 happy Monday! & yes, the weather is all over the place!

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