Weekly Fitness Plan

Race week is here again!!  By this time next weekend, I’ll be getting ready to run my 6th marathon, Tobacco Road Marathon.  I’m so excited about it!


Monday – 3 miles

Tuesday – 1 miles

Wednesday – 3 miles

Thursday – 1 mile

Friday – 1 mile

Saturday – 1 mile

Sunday – Tobacco Road Marathon, 26.2!! 🙂

Total mileage: 36 miles

Weekly focus: Hydration and eating well!  I’m really focusing on doing what I need to do as far as eating well and staying hydrated this week.

Happy Week!


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8 thoughts on “Weekly Fitness Plan

    • I can’t believe it myself either. I have two halfs planned in April, not racing either. Pacing one and running the other one as part of another challenge so I’ll back down a bit with my miles. Then it’s shorter distances all summer, 5K’s and 10K’s. Just running them. I really never take time off. I keep in half marathon ready mode usually. lol just drop out of true training here and there. With MAF training, I’m not worn out either. Thankfully!

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