Weekly Rundown and Fitness Plan

With all my Gasparilla posts, I thought it’d be best to combine my weekly rundown with this week’s Fitness Plan.  The snow messed up a lot of my running plans last week, but it looks like we might be in the clear this week.  Fingers crossed!weeklyrundown

Monday – Christine and I got a mile in before we started our 10+ road trip home.  I was glad because it was really late by the time we made it back.

Tuesday – One mile.  Woke up to a surprise dusting of snow.  I was thankful for the day off work.  Ran loops around my house.

Wednesday – An impending snow was coming in over night, so I was able to squeeze in 4 miles.

Thursday – Snow and more snow!  I ran outside for one mile.snowrunFriday – More of the same, one indoor mile

Saturday – We actually planned to run long on Sunday, but we saw freezing rain in the forecast so we switched it up.  We had 13 miles, dodging piles of snow.  We actually ran a pretty good route and finished up the extra .1 to make a true half.  We celebrated my day 669 of my run streak with a half marathon!  I mean, why not?!longrunsnowSunday – Freezing rain and ice…one indoor mile and PiYo Lower Body workout (my new DVDs finally came and they work!)

Total miles: 22.2 miles

Now for this week’s fitness plan…


Monday – Well considering this might be the nicest day of the week, I’m making it count.  I ran 4 miles this afternoon.  It was awesome!!  I went from being bundled up on Saturday to wearing a tank top and capris.  March weather in NC is crazy!

Tuesday – Long work day for me so a mile and maybe PiYo, if I feel up to it.

Wednesday – Looks like a warm (mid 60’s) though rainy kind of day, hoping to get 3 miles in.

Thursday – There’s a icy, freezing rain thing that might come through…playing this one by ear.  Might be a one mile day. PiYO something for sure!

Friday – One mile and PiYo

Saturday – 10 miles, last long run before Tobacco Road!

Sunday – One mile, though maybe 3 if time permits and I’m short miles for the week.

Weekly Focus:  Food and portion size

I’m a wee bit out of control lately and I am being way more conscious of what I’m eating this week.  With our vacation, I ate a lot and I can tell.  Time to reel it back in.

How did your week go and what do you have on your plan this week??

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Happy Week!


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12 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown and Fitness Plan

  1. After all the winter weather last week, yesterday afternoon sure felt amazing! I also got outside (in shorts!!!!!!!) for a run. Congrats on keeping your streak going! And those socks are just pure awesome!

  2. I am blaming the bad eating on the girl scouts! No more cookies! BTW- super cool socks! I think you manage to get in lots of miles considering the weather you are running in!

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