5 Races to Run in 2015

By now most of us have a bunch of races lined up for 2015.  I’m pretty excited about the races that I have on my race agenda.  Some of them are new to me and others are good ol’ yearly events.

1. Flying Pirate Challenge

This is a yearly favorite for me!  Anytime you combine the beach, friends, and a race, it’s a win!  This is the 6th year for me running this one.  Held in the Outer Banks of NC, the beach is the perfect place to visit in April.  Runners have the choice of the First in Flight 5K, the Flying Pirate half or you can be brave and take the Double Dare Challenge and run both events.  That’s my plan!  2 tees and 3 medals is enough to keep me coming back each year.

2. Old Town Beerun

It’s the rite of Spring to run the beerun. It’s a true signal that warmer weather is hopefully on it’s way!  With a rather hilly 5 miler, it’s just challenging enough but all runners are rewarded with a long sleeve tee, 2 beers and a post race party!  Given the hit or miss of the weather the last few years, we’re due for a warm Spring day this year!

3. City of the Arts Half

This is a new race for me!  I’m also pacing this one too.  It’s a local half run through Winston Salem including Wake Forest’s campus.  Cara and Christine are also pacing so it’s definitely going to be a fun event!  There’s a great post race party with food and brews! 

4. Tobacco Road Marathon

Another new race for me!  Voted as one of the 10 best new races to run by Runner’s World, it’s one of the many marathons NC has to offer.  Located nearby in Raleigh, I’m happy to not be traveling too far for a marathon.  It worked well for City of Oaks, so I’m sticking with it.  Several friends are running the marathon and the half too! The post race party sounds like a great time with music, food and brews. 

5. Chicago Marathon

Fingers crossed on this one!  I”m throwing my name into the lottery for this fall race.  I tried to run NYC last year, but didn’t get in so I’m hoping to have a shot at this one.  I’ve heard many great things from friends who have run it and they all say the same thing…it’s awesome!  We’d make a mini trip out of it and visit some friends who live up there.  I really just want to run something BIG this year and Chicago is the one!  This would be my 7th full so lucky number 7??!

Which races top your must run events of 2015?

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13 thoughts on “5 Races to Run in 2015

  1. That flying pirate medal is awesome and I need to add it to my collection! Seeing all these link ups is really making me wish I had more vacation time to participate in all these awesome races! Best of luck at your Gasparilla challenge this weekend! It’ll be warmer tomorrow and Sunday, I promise 😉

  2. My top race is NYC. I had the fortunate luck to get selected in the lotto, so that is at the top of my list.
    I have others too, but that is my main priority that I’m saving myself for most.
    Chicago is another one that I have my sights set on for the future years.

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