WIAW: New York Eats

This past weekend, we were in NYC for a long weekend.  Before going, I researched a few restaurants that we would go to.  I had to make sure that the places we chose were child friendly, but still had a good menu and brews on tap.  I mean it’s a vacation for us all!?

Friday early dinner

We got into NYC about 2pm and were really hungry.  We talked towards Times Square and went to Junior’s for an early dinner/late lunch.  Each table also gets a sampling of pickles, cabbage slaw and pickled beets.  The beets were awesome!!  I ordered Something Different, a “sandwich” with 2 potato cakes surrounding beef brisket with mushroom gravy and a side of homemade applesauce.  I also ordered a Captain Lawrence IPA, which was my brew of choice all weekend!fridaylunch

Friday late night

We opted for NY style pizza but I quickly gobbled that up without taking a picture

Saturday Morning

Nick headed down to a little coffee shop right near our hotel and grabbed a few goodies.  He got me an everything bagel and a coffee with a chocolate covered strawberry for breakfast dessert.  We also got an apple pastry that was so heavy and so good! It didn’t stand a chance.  It was nice to have breakfast in bed!saturdaybreakfast

Saturday Dinner

We found this awesome teeny tiny Italian restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen called Patzeria Family and Friends.  It was like sitting in the kitchen of your grandma’s house.  It smelled amazing the minute we walked in and we were so grateful that they had a table.  I ordered penne pasta with vodka sauce and Italian sausage.  It was so good!  Exactly the perfect meal for a cold night! That’s a meal I’ll dream about and crave for a long time.saturdaydinner

Sunday Morning

We had breakfast in bed again.  I forgot a pic of my Dulce de Leche coffee and yogurt.

Sunday Lunch

We went to Ruby Foo’s in Times Square.  It was really cool inside and the food was really good.  Hayden was in heaven!  She loves Asian cuisine.  We ordered wonton soup and lettuce wraps to start and then I ordered Wok Stir-Fry Chicken.  It was sweet and sour, just perfect!  Hayden ordered Beef Udon and took several bites of it, but it was a little too spicy for her.  So we switched entrees.  I was happy to switch!  The beef udon had some good spice to it!  It was really good!sundaylunch

Sunday Dinner

We stopped at the Irish Pub near our hotel for some appetizers and brews before we headed to the airport for our late flight home.  We got a sampler platter of different foods and a chicken quesadilla.  Hayden got a slice of NY cheesecake.sundaysnack

We got to try a bunch of different restaurants and pretty much ate everything we wanted to try.  I do wish we would have hit a burger place considering that’s my favorite thing to eat.

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