Friday Five: Love

I love today’s Friday Five, it’s all about Love! 🙂 And it’s the perfect theme for today too.  Nick and I celebrate our 22nd year together today.  We started dating in college back in ’93 and haven’t looked back since.  This weekend, we’re headed to NYC to celebrate.  The last time we were there was in 2009 when we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. fridayfivelove

Here’s my Friday Five: Love

1. My Family

This one really doesn’t need much of an explanation, but I love my family to our 3 person and one cat house to my super duper nieces, sisters, mom and dad to my in-laws and all the family in between and far and wide!

2. Running and My Running Family

Just as important to me as my own family is my running family.  We share a special bond!

3. Travel

Travel is important part of my life.  From planning race trips to family vacations, we love to travel!  It can be a short weekend trip to a week long vacation, I love being able to see new places and visit places often that we love.  Nick and I learned to love traveling from our grandparents who took us places often growing up!  We continue the same tradition they started with us with Hayden.

4. Quiet Mornings, Texting, Blogging and Coffee

I cherish the quiet moments where I just have a minute to myself.  I wake up way before I have to each day so that I can have just a bit of time, blogging and enjoying some coffee.  I love those times when it’s still, just before we start our day.  I also spend the better part of my early mornings texting with my early morning girls too.  I look forward to our usual random and funny texts!  We have some very silly convos ranging from Scooby Doo references to our PiYo workouts to the funny pics and videos we send each other.  It starts the day off well.

5. Food, Drink and Eating Out

Just about as much as I love running and mapping routes to run, I like planning out our post run food options.  I also love finding new places to try in the various places we travel to also!  Food and drink is just as much part of the experience of traveling as is the trip itself.  I remember good meals as much as I remember other travel memories!

So what 5 things do you love?  Share them with me!

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Happy Week!

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18 thoughts on “Friday Five: Love

  1. I love to travel as well. I’m impressed you make Scooby Doo references. Here’s something really random…if you have a Keurig coffee machine, it sounds like the fog horn on Scooby Doo. Just sayin’. Enjoy your weekend!

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