Weekly Rundown

This week was so needed!!  We were are in taper town and it’s amazing!  No stress, resting up and ready for Tampa in just a week!  weeklyrundown

Monday – one mile and PiYo core

My legs were torn up from Sunday’s race.  Whew! It took all I had to get that mile in.  My calves were wicked tight. I felt pretty good about the PiYo workout.  I was actually able to make it through the whole thing this time AND I got better at a move or two.  Progress!

Tuesday – Long run day, 7 miles.  I am so thankful Cara met me for part of this run.  It helps when I could break up the run just a bit to get it done.  I ran 4 miles solo, even tackling the hills from Sunday’s course.  I wanted redemption! ha!  Cara and I ran the remaining 3 together.  We had a really great run!

Wednesday – Long (NOT) run, 6 4 miles.  I had 6 miles on my plan, but I was not feeling it at all.  So I ran 4 miles.  Cara and I met up to run and we both were just not feeling it.  That’s really unusual for us too.  We got the miles in and I’m happy with just getting any miles in after just a day of rest from this weekend’s long runs.

Thursday – one mile and I did PiYo core again just to add in a little something.  I had a lot to do and only had time for a quick workout.

Friday – One mile and a ton of walking (5.66 miles)!

Saturday – One mile and a ton of walking part 2 (6.36 miles)!

Sunday – One mile and a lot of walking part 3 9 (walked 5.27 miles). Due to a canceled afternoon flight, we ended up having a longer stay on Sunday than originally planned.  It was a welcome bonus though we were really tired, arriving home at 1:40am.

How did your week go with your training?

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