What We’re Thinking 101

For those non-runners who want a glimpse into what a runner thinks about, this is your chance!  For many people, they think runners are obsessive, over the top and a bit crazy!  You know what?  It is true!  It’s all in how we look at it though.

Obsessive?  I prefer dedicated.

During a training period, each week most runners plan out their weekly runs and workouts much like a weekly meal plan.  We work around family schedules, work meetings and other responsibilities.  We not only fit in runs, but also cross training, yoga, and other fitness activities.  Balance is a word you’ll hear us use more than once. weeklyplan We plan out our runs to make sure we have time to get in all our workouts.  If anything derails those plans, yes, we become a bit irritated! Trying to squeeze in an another run can be difficult and stressful.  Each run that we have is for a certain purpose and rest days are just as important as a run day.  Our bodies need to recoup and moving runs to rest days is not always playing it smart.

Over the top?  I prefer pushing boundaries.

Running, done smartly and safely, will not beat our bodies up.  We like to see how far we can run and to meet and exceed distances we’ve never raced or run before.  Runners like to see improvement for our hard work and effort.  Most of us like the feeling of completing a tough workout and feeling the satisfaction of knowing we did and gave our best.  After most races, I clap much like I would after riding a roller coaster. Why? Because I feel the same way after both!  Running is not just a physical activity.  It’s emotional too.  Some races or runs push our boundaries on both. Either way, when a run or race is over, it’s time to celebrate!  Runners love to celebrate!

Crazy? I prefer confident and adventurous.

We think nothing about signing up for races on back to back weekends or better yet, back to back days!  We’ll try running anything at least once. We started with 5K’s and continue up the race distance ladder.  We’ll travel to different cities to find new and exciting races to run.  We’re great at turning any race into a race-cation!  We research races like we’d research our next new car.  We want to know all the ins and outs before we sign up!lynchburg Weather is a non-issue for most of us!  Rain, freezing temps, sleet, snow, wind or sun..we’re running!  We have to be ready for any weather that is thrown our day on race day. We run on holidays, birthdays, and special occasions. We post about our runs and take running selfies. We talk about running a lot and with anyone who will listen.

We start run streaks.  We become members of running groups like Half Fanatics or Marathon Maniacs.  We try to run races in all 50 states.  We look for Challenge Races (multiple races over several days) because the more races we run, the more bling we get! flyingpiratemedals Runners are different; a strange breed.  No doubt about that!  It takes a special person to understand us.  If you feel at a loss on how to deal with us, just hug us, tell us to put on running shoes and tell us to go for a run!  We’ll love you that much more!

How would you describe runners to a non-runner?  Anything else that I’m forgetting? Share it with me!

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