Ultimate Coffee Date

It’s the first Saturday of the month, so that means it’s time to grab a nice hot cup o’ joe and catch up!

If we were having coffee…

I’d tell you that we had a great time celebrating my nieces’ birthday.  I really felt bad that we had planned a trip when their celebration was going to be in it actually worked out well because we got to spend some quality one-on-one time with them.  Their gifts were a huge hit!  I really love being an aunt!

If we were having coffee…

I’d tell you that I’m running a “training” race tomorrow.  We’ve done so many miles and have run so many training runs, I’m excited to have a race to run as a distraction.  We have 15 miles planned for tomorrow, so we’re running the Massacre Marathon relay!  I’m on a two person team with Christine.  Our team name is Slow and Low, Rock and Run.  Since we’re using it as a training run, we went with the slow and low (our motto for running most hills…slow up and low HR) and Rock and Run because we’re rocker chicks at heart!  Perfect name for us! 🙂 I’m super excited because the swag for this one includes a hoodie and a medal (new this year!).  Just the thing we need to bump our Tampa motivation.  We have several other friends on teams so it’s sure to be a fun filled day!

If we were having coffee…

I’d tell you that I’m adding more to my fitness plate.  As if running at least a mile a day wasn’t enough, I’m kicking it up!  I’m adding in steps.  I’m trying really hard to average 10,000 steps on the days I run only a mile.  As turning 41 is nearing, apparently my metabolism is taking a break.  Where running 30-35 miles a week was enough to maintain my weight, it’s not working as of late.  I don’t want to add more running miles, so I’m making a conscious effort to be a bit more active.  I’m adding in PiYo too.

If we were having coffee…

Speaking of PiYo, let me tell you how angry I got the other day.  I just received my DVD set the other day.   I popped the first workout DVD into the player and started the first workout.  I completed the upper body workout and loved it!  The next day, I had to do the lower body workout as part of the plan.  I went to the main menu of the DVD, chose lower body and waited for it start.  Black screen pops up.  Nothing.  I hit menu again. Same thing.  Black screen.  I’m thinking what in the world?!  It just worked yesterday?!  I tried to load the other workouts.  Same thing.  Black screen.  I tried another DVD from the set and it worked fine.  I’m not sure what happened.  I emailed the guy I bought the set from, still waiting for a response.  In the mean time, I purchased another one.

If we were having coffee…

I’d tell you that we are just days away from Gasparilla and I am so excited.  This whole trip has been a year in the making.  Cara and I jumped in with both feet last February when I found it and then luckily, Christine and Carole were on board this fall.  Amanda is a last minute addition to our trip and we’re so stoked!  We have a few other fellow NC runners who are going too.  It’s shaping up to be quite a trip and race!

So what’s going on with you?  Anything new?

Share something with me!

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Happy Week!

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25 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date

  1. That looks like a fun race- love the hoodie. I have never done a relay but would love too! I hope you get some great weather in Tampa! It has been pretty nice and I ran the 5K in Gasparilla the last 2 years but cannot go this year. My hubby’s oldest son is getting married that Saturday so I will cheer you on virtually. It has always been one of my favorite races, I hope you have blast!

  2. Love “Slow & Low”, very clever. I’m sorry to hear about your PiYo frustration, unfortunately there were many problems with that DVD program release. Unfortunate because it’s a great workout program. If you buy from Beachbody they exchange your DVDs at no cost, no questions, for a lifetime. Anywho…I run my first Ragnar this month and it’s about ALL I can think about. Can’t wait! 🙂

  3. I looove Gasparilla! I might be at the expo, not sure yet, but if I am I’ll let you know and we could try to meet up! I like to meet other bloggers 🙂

    I also love being an Aunt, my nephew turns three months in a few days and it’s such an awesome thing! I only like him though, haha, I’m not really a big kid person, but he’s awesome!

    Good luck on your race this weekend!

  4. Hope you have fun on that training race–a relay sounds rather fun, and it’s so awesome that that they give you a hoodie! <3!! I'd definitely appreciate that more than a t-shirt right now! 😛

  5. What a fun relay! The logo is awesome too! I did Ragnar for the first time last year and really loved the team aspect. Good luck on the 10,000 steps. With my desk job, I really struggle on the days I’m not running, but I feel it in my legs when I sit for too long. Thanks for joining the Coffee Date link up!

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