Thinking Out Loud Thursday

We’re on the downside of hump day and making our way to the weekend.  Hello Thursday!  🙂  It’s time for another Thinking Out Loud Thursday hosted by Running With Spoons. Thinking-Out-Loud

So thoughts running through my mind this week…(get it, running?)

I spent the day yesterday looking at my goals and intentions for 2015 and I gave myself some grades on how well I am doing so far.  While my running and training are going well and I’ve given myself A’s for those categories, meeting my cooking goal is less than stellar.  I’m holding onto a D-.  Well, that sparked a fire under me to at least to plan out the next few dinners.  Luckily, we’re headed out to dinner Friday night so I’m saved from having too many nights to plan.

Speaking of Friday night dinner, we’re taking my sweet nieces out for their birthdays.  We have a trip planned the weekend of their birthday party and I hate to miss it.  So I’m so glad we get to take those two cuties to dinner and open presents after. I thought really hard on what to get them.  I love trying to find the perfect gift for them!  I think I did pretty good and I hope they are just as excited as I am about their gifts.

I mentioned a trip…we booked a last minute trip to NYC!  I am super excited to get out of town, but to also visit New York too.  It’s a double bonus!!  We haven’t been there since Nick and I went for our 10th wedding anniversary.  Our dating anniversary is the weekend we’re going.  We’ve been together for 22 years now!!  Do you celebrate your “dating” anniversary still too??  I kind of think it’s pretty awesome to tell people how long we’ve been together…I’m proud of it!

We haven’t planned anything definite to do while we are there.  H is a huge anime fan and we’ve researched a few places that sell figurines and other fun stuff!  It’ll be a real treat to visit those shops.  She’s also interested in heading to the art museums.  I wasn’t so sure if that’d be something she’d really like to do, but she was super excited to see some of the actual art work from the actual artists.  She loves Van Gogh so how can we not see his work in person?!

Once we come back from New York, it’s Tampa time.  I need to start thinking of what I need to pack for that trip and make sure I have everything I might need.  I’m still debating on wearing my water belt or not for the races.  Once I get a better idea of what the weather will be like, I might make a final decision.  As the trip gets closer and closer, I’m fearing the heat humidity more.  It just does me in.

So what’s on your mind?  What are you thinking about?

Happy Week!

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11 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday

  1. NYC sounds so fun! I have only been there once. And it was more like passing through. I got to eat pizza somewhere and then we left. I would absolutely LOVE (and plan!) to go again one day 🙂

  2. An impromptu trip to NYC sounds so much fun! I haven’t been in about 10 years, so I’d love to go back. I’m on 8 years together with my man this year- it sounds like a really long time when I write it down like that haha!

    I ran Gasparilla last year and I hate to say it but it was definitely humid, hot and rainy. I ran BDR a week later and it was perfect running weather, which I’m pretty sure is what contributed to a major PR for me. So far these last few weeks it’s been staying in the 60s most of the day, which has been nice. I’m not sure what it will be like by the time you get here though! I’d bring your water bottles just in case, as it really helped me to have my handheld one when I did my last race.

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