TOTR: Runner Nutrition

For this Tuesday on the Run, we’re talking Runner Nutrition.  I can’t speak to what are the right or wrong foods or fuel for all runners, but I can tell you what works for me. For most runners, it’s a mix of trial and error until you find what you can handle.  Everyone’s tummies are different.  Most of us will find what works for us and stay with it.

Pre-Run Nutrition

I eat Clif Builder’s bars before my long runs.  It’s just the right mix of protein and carbs for me and it works pretty good at keeping me pretty well fueled throughout my run.  Although lately, I do feel hungry mid-run more on my second long run.  I’m sure that has to do with the insane amount of miles we’ve been running lately.  I have some friends who eat peanut butter bagels, oatmeal and hard boiled eggs, and Greek yogurt.  See what I mean?!  Totally depends on what your tummy can handle.clifbar

I’m a huge fan of Essentia.  I drink it regularly now and have noticed a huge difference since I first started drinking it.  I love that it’s just kicked up water with electrolytes.  It’s all the good stuff my body needs without adding extra calories or sugar.  Huge plus for me since I don’t handle most sports drinks well.essentia

During the Run

My nutrition on runs has changed recently.  Using the MAF method means that my body is burning fat for fuel and for the first time in the entire time I’ve run long runs, I’m not taking in any nutrition.  I haven’t needed it.  I carry it with me, just in case I start feeling low, but in all the weeks we’ve already run, I’ve taken a Clif Shot Blok one time.  This a huge change from when I was taking a shot blok every 4 miles.

If I’m carrying water, I fill my bottles with Essentia.  I like to have it on my long runs too.

Post Run

My post run food and drinks change on what I have a taste for or where we are going for our post run breakfast/lunch.  I always have the rest of my Essentia and usually order more water whenever we get to where we are eating.  I sometimes have chocolate milk.  I have been drinking a diet Pepsi after a run.  I like the carbonation after tons of miles of nothing but water.  I try to eat a mix of protein and carbs with my meal.  After some runs, we’ve had a cold brew with lunch.  I’m not stuck with an actual post run meal routine.huevosrancheros

I do make sure I hydrate well the rest of the day.  This has been essential in maintaining the miles each weekend.  I also have started drinking a Naked protein smoothie on most Saturdays or Sundays.  Some weekends, I’ve not been hungry after eating so I like the smoothie with protein because it still putting good stuff back in even if my appetite hasn’t come back.

For other nutritional ideas, I wrote a post a while back also sharing some of my favorite fueling foods and drinks. You can also check out what other bloggers are sharing.

Tuesdays on the Run

What’s your typical nutrition? Are you a creature of habit or does it change per day?

Happy Week!

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26 thoughts on “TOTR: Runner Nutrition

  1. I’m always interested in how people fuel for runs – I can’t do yogurt before a run (yuck on my tummy) – I usually go for a pancake with almond butter on it. I only bring fuel for over 9 miles. But, I do fuel more during a race. Thanks for sharing your fueling – sounds like it works for you.

  2. Essentia? Where do we find it? Interesting that you note the cliff bar works best for you- I usually like to have one but I haven’t noticed one working better than the other. If I am home and running more than 3 miles I like good old fashioned peanut butter toast and coffee in the morning and off I go!

  3. Ive never heard of essentia- sounds great! During my last training cycle I started doing some of my long runs fasted and I was able to run up to 16 miles without fuel. For runs longer than that I started taking something to practice for race day. My post run meal changes alot too based on what Im in the mood for!

  4. I’ve been running long without fuel for up to a half marathon. It’ll be interesting to see when I hit the point of needing something as I continue to up my mile for marathon training. And I love Muscle Milk after a long run because of the mix of carbs and protein. I often have a hard time eating and that helps get calories into me.

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